2014-2015 Program Completion Plans

From this page are linked official, approved Program Completion Plans (PCPs) – also known as Academic Maps – for undergraduate degrees at the University of Central Arkansas for students beginning as freshmen at UCA in fall 2014.

Students: You should meet with an academic advisor every semester to consider available course offerings in relation to graduation requirements, to confirm academic progress toward graduation, and to update your plan of study. Remember that changes of major or minor, repeating courses, or any other disruption in your plan of study may delay timely completion of your degree. Ask your advisor about UCA's powerful new program planning and tracking tool, DegreeWorks.

Program completion plans are in PDF format. You will need a recent version of the Adobe Reader to view or print a PCP. The Reader may be freely downloaded for personal use from the Adobe web site.

Use the links in the navigation panel to access Program Completion Plans from earlier years.

An omnibus collection of this year's PCPs may be downloaded from this link: 2014 PCP Omnibus Collection (most recently updated 2014-05-20).

The following abbreviations are used in the table below: PCP8S = 8-Semester Guaranteed PCP; PCP3YR = 3-Year PCP (not guaranteed); OTHER = other PCP type (4 years, 5 years, etc.) (not guaranteed).

These Program Completion Plans include Arkansas Course Transfer System (ACTS) course number information. For information about the ACTS in general, and for a list of UCA courses included in the ACTS, visit this page in the Undergraduate Bulletin: UBulletin ACTS page. For information specifically about UCA Core courses in the ACTS, visit this page, also in the Undergraduate Bulletin: LD UCA Core.

PROGRAM TITLE - Follow link to go to the appropriate UBulletin 2014 page.DEGREELINKS
Accounting - 3 YearBBAPCP3YR
Addiction Studies, PreventionBSPCP8S
Addiction Studies, TreatmentBSPCP8S
African/African American StudiesBAPCP8S
African/African American Studies - 3 YearBAPCP3YR
Art, Art EducationBAOTHER
Art, Art HistoryBAPCP8S
Art, Fine ArtsBAPCP8S
Art, Studio ArtBFAOTHER
Athletic TrainingBSOTHER
Business Administration (General)BBAOTHER
Chemistry - ACS Certified: BiochemistryBSPCP8S
Chemistry, ACS Certified: StandardBSPCP8S
Chemistry, Non-ACS CertifiedBSPCP8S
Communication Sciences & Disorders (formerly Speech-Language Pathology)BSOTHER
Computer ScienceBSPCP8S
Creative WritingBAPCP8S
Digital FilmmakingBAPCP8S
Digital FilmmakingBSPCP8S
Economics, International TradeBAPCP8S
Economics, International TradeBBAPCP8S
Elementary Education (K-6)BSEOTHER
English, with Teaching LicensureBAOTHER
Environmental Science, BiologyBSPCP8S
Environmental Science, ChemistryBSPCP8S
Environmental Science, Planning & AdministrationBSPCP8S
Family & Consumer Sciences EducationBSEOTHER
Family & Consumer Sciences, GeneralBSPCP8S
General Science - Option ABSPCP8S
General Science - Option BBSPCP8S
Geography - Geospatial ConcentrationBSPCP8S
Health EducationBSPCP8S
Health Sciences, GerontologyBSPCP8S
Health Sciences - Health Services AdministrationBSPCP8S
Health Sciences, Physical TherapyBSPCP8S
History - 3 YearBAPCP3YR
History - 3 YearBSPCP3YR
Innovation & EntrepreneurshipBBAPCP8S
Insurance & Risk ManagementBBAPCP8S
Insurance & Risk Management, Personal Financial PlanningBBAPCP8S
Interdisciplinary Liberal StudiesBAOTHER
Interior DesignBAPCP8S
Interior DesignBSPCP8S
International StudiesBAPCP8S
Journalism, Broadcast JournalismBAPCP8S
Journalism, Broadcast JournalismBSPCP8S
Journalism, Mass Communication ResearchBAPCP8S
Journalism, Mass Communication ResearchBSPCP8S
Journalism, Online JournalismBAPCP8S
Journalism, Online JournalismBSPCP8S
Journalism, Print JournalismBAPCP8S
Journalism, Print JournalismBSPCP8S
Linguistics, Track 1: Spanish, French, German, or ChineseBAPCP8S
Linguistics, Track 2: TESOLBAPCP8S
Linguistics, Track 3: Computer ScienceBAPCP8S
Linguistics, Track 4: General LinguisticsBAPCP8S
Management, Supply Chain ManagementBBAPCP8S
Management Information Systems, Application Development - GISBBAPCP8S
Management Information Systems, Application Development - E-CommerceBBAPCP8S
Management Information Systems, Application Development - Programmer/AnalystBBAPCP8S
Management Information Systems, Business AnalystBBAPCP8S
Management Information Systems, TelecommunicationsBBAPCP8S
Marketing, Supply Chain ManagementBBAPCP8S
Mathematics, PureBAPCP8S
Mathematics, Applied MathematicsBSPCP8S
Mathematics, Pure MathematicsBSPCP8S
Medical TechnologyBSOTHER
Middle Level Education, Language Arts + MathematicsBSEOTHER
Middle Level Education, Language Arts + ScienceBSEOTHER
Middle Level Education, Language Arts + Social StudiesBSEOTHER
Middle Level Education, Mathematics + ScienceBSEOTHER
Middle Level Education, Mathematics + Social StudiesBSEOTHER
Middle Level Education, Science + Social StudiesBSEOTHER
Modern Languages, FrenchBAPCP8S
Modern Languages, French - BusinessBAPCP8S
Modern Languages, French - ESLBAOTHER
Modern Languages, SpanishBAPCP8S
Modern Languages, Spanish - BusinessBAPCP8S
Modern Languages, Spanish - ESLBAOTHER
Music (non-performance)BAOTHER
Music, CompositionBMOTHER
Music, Education, K-12 - InstrumentalBMOTHER
Music, Education, K-12 - Piano / InstrumentalBMOTHER
Music, Education, K-12 - Piano / VocalBMOTHER
Music, Education, K-12 - VocalBMOTHER
Music, Performance - InstrumentalBMOTHER
Music, Performance - PianoBMOTHER
Music, Performance - VocalBMOTHER
Nuclear Medicine TechnologyBSOTHER
Nursing - 4 yearBSNOTHER
Nursing - 5 yearBSNOTHER
Physical Education, Teacher EducationBSEOTHER
Physics, Applied PhysicsBSPCP8S
Physics, Biological PhysicsBSPCP8S
Physics, Chemical PhysicsBSPCP8S
Physics, Mathematical PhysicsBSPCP8S
Physics, Physical ScienceBSPCP8S
Political ScienceBAPCP8S
Political ScienceBSPCP8S
Pre-Pharmacy UAMS Pharmacy SchoolN/AOTHER
Professional Studies, Health & SafetyBPSN/A
Professional Studies, Leadership & TechnologyBPSN/A
Psychology - 3 YearBAPCP3YR
Psychology - 3 YearBSPCP3YR
Public AdministrationBAPCP8S
Public AdministrationBSPCP8S
Public RelationsBAPCP8S
Public RelationsBSPCP8S
Religious StudiesBAPCP8S
Social Studies, History - 3 YearBSEPCP3YR
Social Studies, History - 4 YearBSEOTHER
Writing, GeneralBAPCP8S
Writing, Professional WritingBAPCP8S