Marvin Williams

Cooking Adventures with Marvin Williams

Dedicated to the women who have made a huge impact on my life, my mother, grandmothers, great-grandmother, senior friends and my lovely wife, Pearlie Williams. Pearlie has no problem with the kitchen being my domain in the home. She has always believed in me, encouraged me and supported my endeavors. For her, I am most grateful. I am also grateful for my experiences in the kitchen or just sitting at the feet of my senior friends.  I have fond memories of being in the kitchen with Bigmama, my great-grandmother, helping her make sweet potato pies for the holidays. She always put a little of this, a little bit of that, never using measuring cups or spoons.

Whenever visiting my senior friends, if they went to the kitchen, I followed. I loved seeing them, without all of the spices I have in my cupboard, take simple ingredients and make food that was delicious. I am not a professional chef, just a greedy risk taker in the kitchen. I’m very transparent… I share my own kitchen flubs and disasters. I love to cook and don’t mind trying new things. I love short cuts and modifying recipes. I am happy to share my cooking adventures with you!

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