Jon & Trina Mitchell

Jon & Trina Mitchell are the founders and owners of Zetêo Coffee, a specialty coffee shop in downtown Conway and more recently expanded into the River Market area of Little Rock. They offer a variety of specialty drink offerings including various slow brew methods, espresso based specialty drinks, teas, smoothies, scratch-made pastries and full menu of breakfast and lunch offerings.

Jon and Trina opened Zetêo Coffee in November of 2015 after carrying the almost 10+ year dream in their hearts. Jon spent the years prior to that envisioning a gathering spot for the coffee culture community and growing in his passion for all things coffee. As part of his early training, Jon attended the American Barista and Coffee Training School in Portland, OR where he spent his days in intensive training learning various aspects of the cafe business and developing his barista skills that he would later build Zetêo Coffee with. Zetêo was the name chosen and accurately so. Zetêo is a greek word which means to “to seek, search, crave”.

As the dream developed and the Mitchell’s became involved with international missions, they began seeing how access to clean water was truly a quality of life issue. “We knew we could take our dream and allow it to be a part of something bigger than ourselves.” As such, Zetêo Coffee joined in partnership with Living Water International, where they have pledged 5% of their profits to the installation and restoration of clean water wells across the globe. They share this initiative with their community by using the #drinkwellgivewell.

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