Brian Armstrong

Automotive Care 101

Brian has been involved with automotive and heavy equipment maintenance his whole life. He graduated Trade School with a Master Automotive Technician Degree at the age of 18 and immediately went to work in the Gold Mines of Northern Nevada where he stayed and worked for the next 30 years! he started as a light vehicle mechanic and graduated through various other vocations all maintenance related until retiring in 2010 as a Certified Purchasing Manager procuring Mining Equipment and MRO  (Maint & Repair parts for Operations) with a spend responsibility of nearly $1 billion dollars per year.

In 2011 he and his wife Lori moved to Conway where their son Kyle was a UACCM then UCA student. They purchased a local garage with a good reputation called Hines Service Center. Pete Hines started the business 35 years earlier and built it up from just a gas service station to a full-service auto repair. They now have two shops and repair over 5,000 cars per year doing $1.5M in the automotive repair business.

Their interest in sharing knowledge about car care stems from the almost daily witness of high repair costs due to underperformed or unperformed maintenance of the family car. Conway is a college town and a lot of the student population lives away from their families and friends who might otherwise assist them. Our desire is to help the students understand the basic requirements of keeping their car safe and well-maintained so that they may avoid those costly repairs.