ACT Prep Course

This course is designed for high school students (10th grade and above) who have previously scored between 17-25 on the ACT or for high schoolers who have yet to take the test.  Four UCA faculty, experienced in leading ACT Prep courses, will review subject material and offer test-taking tips to help students progress through the exam in a more reasonable and timely manner.  Class sizes are kept fairly small to maximize learning.

Date:          May 22 – June 9, 2017ACT-Prep
Time:         Mon., Wed., and Fri., 5 pm – 7 pm (excluding Memorial Day)
Cost:          $100 per student
Location:  UCA – Conway Corporation Center for Sciences
–Small class sizes allowing more specific instruction
–Total number of students limited to 48



If you have questions contact Reuel Shepherd at or at 501-450-3429.