Program Admission Requirements

To be considered for admission, candidates must complete a baccalaureate degree and meet the specific prerequisite requirements of the UCA Department of Occupational Therapy. Students may pursue the bachelor’s degree in any chosen field of study at UCA or from a USDE-recognized regionally accredited college or university. Moreover, completion of 25 hours of prerequisite course work is required. Prerequisite courses may be completed at UCA or at another regionally accredited college or university. Students who plan to complete prerequisites at another university are strongly urged to contact the Occupational Therapy Program Advisor to assure course equivalency.

Students enrolled in the occupational therapy program must perform certain essential functions in order to participate in and complete program requirements. A list of these essential functions and the departmental policy is available at

All prospective students should review the document “UCA Department of Occupational Therapy Essential Functions” and the departmental policy prior to applying for admission to the program.