Prerequisite Course Work

Department of Occupational Therapy: Pre-requisite Course Work with University of Central Arkansas Course Numbers.
Prerequisite courses taken elsewhere must be approved in advance by the Occupational Therapy Program Advisor.

Course (UCA and ACTS* course numbers in parenthesis) Credit Hours
Anatomy and Physiology I (UCA: BIOL 2406; ACTS: BIOL2404) 4
Anatomy and Physiology II (UCA: BIOL 2407; ACTS: BIOL2414) 4
Physics (UCA: PHYS 1405 or PHYS 1410; ACTS (for 1410): PHYS2014) 4
Medical Terminology (UCA: HSC 3123) 1
Sociology (UCA: SOC 1300; ACTS: SOCI1013 or Anthropology (UCA: ANTH 1302; ACTS: ANTH1013 3
Abnormal Psychology (UCA: PSYC 4320) 3
Lifespan Development (UCA: FACS 2341) or Developmental Psychology (UCA: PSYC 2370; ACTS: PSYC2103) 3
Statistics (UCA: PSYC 2330 or SOC 2321 or MATH 2311; ACTS [for MATH 2311]: MATH2103) 3
Total Credit Hours in Prerequisite Course Work: 25

*ACTS is the Arkansas Course Transfer System. It applies to transfer of some lower division undergraduate courses.