Mission Statement

The mission of the entry-level graduate occupational therapy program at the University of Central Arkansas is to educate practitioners competent and skilled in providing occupational therapy services to individuals and populations who are limited by physical or psychosocial situations that compromise independence and wellness.  Graduates are prepared to practice in a variety of service delivery models, and to develop productive interpersonal and therapeutic relationships with clients, families, organizations, and other health and human service professionals. In addition, the department’s mission includes facilitating the continued professional growth of practicing occupational therapists through both graduate study and continuing education opportunities.

The program is committed to promoting student awareness and appreciation of different cultural and social value systems.  Student sensitivity is cultivated through the improved awareness of self and appreciation of diversity among client populations.  The program seeks to instill in students a sense of self direction, discernment, and a desire to assume active responsibility for learning, professional growth, and change.

In addition to educating competent practitioners, the program strives to have a strong positive influence on the Occupational Therapy profession throughout the state and region, by assisting in the development of new knowledge in the science of occupation and in conducting and disseminating research that establishes the efficacy of occupational therapy services.