Student Orientation Staff

What is SOS?

Coming to a new college campus can be a challenging experience. The Student Orientation Staff (SOS) helps first-time entering students adapt to college life at UCA. SOS is a staff of 80 currently enrolled, volunteer student leaders who work to make the transition to college as smooth and as fun as possible! SOSers receive extensive leadership training throughout the spring semester and over the summer that enables them to host our Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR) and Welcome Week activities. These volunteers are chosen based on academic standing, campus involvement, and dedication to service. Each SOSer volunteers approximately 200 hours of service to the university between April and August. It’s a lot of work, but it’s a LOT of fun, too! Just ask any person in the trademark SOS Orange t-shirt.



The Student Orientation Staff (SOS) program began in the fall of 1979 under the leadership of Dr. Fred Rhodes, then Dean of Students. The students were selected from the Student Senate (later called the Student Government Association) and the Royal Rooters (later called the Bear Den). The following year an orientation interview process was created and group leaders were established to serve as coordinators of an orientation committee. In 1987 the position of co-director was established. These two individuals were to guide the group leaders and work closely with the advisor to ensure the program’s success. The first SOAR (Summer Orientation & Academic Registration) program was offered in 1992. To date the Office of Orientation offers five SOAR sessions per summer, one of which is designed specifically for the Honors College.

The mission of the UCA Office of Orientation as carried out by the Student Orientation Staff is to coordinate and implement a process to:

  • Assist new students in their academic, personal, cultural, and social transition to UCA
  • Expose new students to the broad educational opportunities within the institution
  • Integrate new student into the life of the institution
  • Assist the institution in learning more about its entering students
  • Provide an opportunity for new students and their families to become familiar with institutional policies, programs, and resources.


Meet the 2014 SOS CO-DIRECTORS

Sydney Crafton & Josh Dabney



2013 Cody Stephens & Rachel Carlock

2012 John Lewis & Rebecca Moye

2011 Matt Melton & Craig Cole

2010 Kyle Boyd & Elizabeth Eason

2009 Aaron Kopf & Jake Melton

2008 Hanna Manning & Andy Winkelman

2007 Lindsey “Oz” Osborne & Stephen Roach

2006 Aaron King & Jeanie Zelinski

2005 Dana Newton & Mandi Tollett

2004 Amanda Blair & Brian Bowden

2003 Lauren Harris & Melissa Nix

2002 Scott Kiehn & Amanda Stouppe

2001 Sancy Faulk & Jordan Woolbright

2000 Desiree Mauppins & Annie Turner

1999 Heather Knight & Chris Oholendt

1998 William Hornburg & Corey Simmermon

1997 Gretchen Buchanan & Will Pittman

1996 Erin Burns & Jennifer Worley

1995 Leslie Perdue & Michael Vines

1994 Blake Douglas & Lawanda Shewbart

1993 Lane Vassar & Paul Vitale

1992 Jackie Davis & Galen Horton

1991 Sean Fleming & Angie Carr

1990 Gary Cooper & Margaret Gunter

1989 Chrystal Harris & Chris Williams

1988 Renae Bartlett & Tim Fix

1987 Tim McMahan & Kim Stone