RN to BSN/MSN – General Information

The RN to BSN/MSN track is for the Registered Nurses (RNs) who are graduates of accredited associate degree or hospital diploma programs and seek both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Nursing (BSN/MSN) degree. Qualified RNs receive 41 hours of BSN nursing credit based on their prior educational program. The program is designed for the working RN with all nursing courses offered online.

Online Tuition & Fees – please see the Student Accounts website for Online Undergraduate & Graduate Tuition information www.uca.edu/studentaccounts.


An email account and access to a computer is required for participation in the RN program. For information about required computer hardware and software and available resources for online students, go to the UCA Online Technical Requirements & Resources page at http://uca.edu/online/technical-requirementsresources-and-supportbrowser-check/.

UCA email and Blackboard are the official communication tools for the university. Home email accounts will not be used for program or course information after a student enrolls in courses.

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