BSN Application Due Dates & Process

March 1

  • Completed application, $50 non-refundable application fee, and required official  transcripts (if required) hand delivered to the Department of  Nursing or post-marked no later than March 1.
  • Computerized Admission Exam (see Sample BSN application) scheduled by applicant.   Exam scores taken in previous years will not be used.

mid May

Transfer students must have been admitted by UCA; and UCA students not enrolled the previous semester must be readmitted by this date.

  • Official transcripts or grade report for spring semester course(s) completed at other university/college received by this date.

First week of June

Official transcript of spring courses if applicant previously submitted a grade report received by this date.

  • Response form accepting or declining position offer or acceptance of  waiting list offer, if applicable, is due. If form is not returned the  offer is considered declined and the applicant is removed from further consideration.

mid July

  • Admission documentation to be submitted by this date (see below under Additional Requirements of Students Admitted to the Fall Class). This deadline applies to those students admitted in late May or early June.


Application Process

  1. Application must be submitted in hard-copy (paper) format:
    • Application forms can be completed online, saved on personal computer, then printed for submission.
    • Mail or hand-deliver printed application to the address indicated on the application form.
    • No electronic applications will be accepted. Paper transcripts from other institutions must be received in the Department of Nursing.
  2. Nursing prerequisite courses:
    • Prerequisite courses can be taken at UCA or transferred from another institution.  Students are encouraged to review the Transfer Credit Guidelines information located on the Registrar’s website and  the Arkansas Department of Higher Education’s Course Transfer System (ACTS) to check on what course credits will transfer.
  3. Academic transcript requirements:
    • Course work completed at UCA does not require a transcript be sent with your application.
    • Course work completed from another institution(s), must have a hard-copy (paper) transcript(s) sent directlyto the Department of Nursing from that institution(s).
      • No electronic transcripts will be accepted.
      • Any transcript not received in the Department of Nursing by the indicated due date flags an application as incomplete.
      • Transcripts submitted to the UCA Registrar’s Office are not sent to the Department of Nursing.
  4. Transfer students:
    • If you are not currently enrolled at UCA, you must apply for admission to UCA in addition to applying to the Nursing major program.  The online UCA application can be completed and submitted online.
  5. Completed application must be received or be postmarked by indicated due date:
    • Generic/Traditional BSN students (Fall admit only):
      • Admission criteria
      • Application & Checklist: Applications only accepted between January 15 and March 1
    • LPN/LPTN-to-BSN students (Fall admit only):
      • Admission criteria
      • Application & Checklist: Applications only accepted between January 15 and March 1
    • RN-to-BSN  orRN-to-BSN/MSN students (Fall and Spring admits):
      • Admission criteria
      • Application & Checklist(due dates by semester you want to begin classes)
        • Fall: Applications only accepted between February 15 and April 1
        • Spring: Applications only accepted between June 15 and August 1

Application Review Process

  • Applications are reviewed after final spring grades are reported.
  • If the application is not complete, computerized admission exam is not completed,  transcript(s) not received (if applicable), or applicant has not be admitted to UCA, the application is not reviewed.
  • Letters of admission status are sent to all applicants by June 1. Results are not given out over the phone.
  • If a position is not accepted by an applicant, the next applicant on the waiting list is immediately contacted and offered the position. It is important for applicants to notify the Department of any changes in contact information.
  • Applicants who feel they were treated differently from other candidates in admission decisions are to contact the department chairperson for information about the appeal process. All appeals begin at the department level.

Ranking of Applicants

  • Applications are ranked according to GPA, deficits (prerequisite courses not completed by the end of the spring semester), and admission examination score.
  • The GPA is important. However, deficits and admission examination score can significantly impact one’s chances for admission to the nursing major.
  • Preference is given to UCA pre-nursing students who meet admission requirements. Non-nursing UCA students and transferred students are also considered and ranked in the admission process. Applicants are placed in one of the following categories: admitted unconditionally, admitted conditionally (deficits must be completed before fall semester begins), waiting list, not qualified (did not meet minimum qualifications), or incomplete application.
  • The waiting list is maintained throughout the summer and until the beginning of the fall semester. If a position becomes available it is filled from the waiting list. Qualified applicants not admitted who wish to remain on the waiting list must return the Waiting List Acceptance form by date listed above.
  • A new application process begins each year. Applicants not admitted one year are not given priority the next year and must complete a new application process.

Additional Requirements of Students Admitted to the Fall Class

  • Applicants offered a position must return “Acceptance Form” by date listed above or on admission letter.
  • The following admission documentation must be submitted by date listed above or on admission letter. Forms and additional information are contained with admission letter:
    • Varicella documentation (More information will be provided in the admission letter.)
    • TB skin test results
    • Hepatitis B vaccine
    • Health history and physical examination
    • CPR certification Health Provider Course from the American Heart Association
    • Current health/hospitalization insurance
  • Attend a required all day orientation meeting, currently scheduled the day before the first day of fall classes. Details will be included in admission letter.
  • Students must have independent means of transportation for their clinical experiences.