Joe Dull

Associate Professor of Digital Filmmaking


SRH 202G

(501) 852-2377

Teaching Specialties: Editing, Audio, and Post-Production

2004 Master of Fine Arts, Screenwriting

Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA, wWith Departmental Honors

1997 Bachelor of Fine Arts, Film and Television Production

Chapman University, Orange, CA

Cum Laude Grey Key, with Departmental Honors

Current Interests and Directions

I am currently working on a musical / documentary about a woman who is a “walking paraplegic” performer. She sings and dances, even though she can’t feel anything below her waist. The project is an experimental mixing of a documentary and a fictional musical, showing both what she’s overcome and what she can do. The project is currently in post- production, awaiting the completion of an animated sequence.

My long- term ambition is to create a foundation for teaching video technology to people without filmmaking outlets. As someone who nearly let the idea of telling stories visually get away from them, I want to help others to be able to follow their dreams. My initial goals, partially to help make funding possible, are to work with at- risk high school students and recent retirees from the Armed Forces. Eventually, I would like to work with people across the nation to help mentor anyone who has a passion for film.

Instructional Experience

2004 – 2006 Asst Professor, Broome College, Binghamton, NY

* Developed and Taught courses in: Introductory and Advanced Video Production, TV Studio Production, Talk Show Production, Digital Filmmaking, Digital Post- Production, Audio Production, On- Air Radio Performance, Internship, Introduction to Mass Media, Screenwriting, and Film Theory and Aesthetics.

* Redefined and recreated the entire video and audio curricula to reflect current technologies and aesthetics and to create synergies between the different courses.

* Created capstone courses for TV Studio production, Video production and Film production.

* Wrote a successful $50,000 grant to purchase 5 HDTV cameras and 2 Final Cut Pro HD editing systems.

* Developed three year plan to completely upgrade program to HDTV through grants and equipment upgrades.

* Created the annual student- organized digital film festival, the “Carousel City Film Festival,” to bring local filmmakers to campus and to showcase the department to the community.

* Worked closely with the city to create projects for our students that also help the community.

* Upgraded all the video and audio editing systems, transitioned to professional Avid, Final Cut Pro, and Adobe software, doubled the number of editing stations in my first year (tripled in the second), and wrote student guidebooks (from 16 to 38 pages) for all major software. Each guide was tailored for new students to understand the specific requirements of the the school’s systems and to instruct them through their first projects.

* Upgraded, installed, and tested equipment upgrades throughout the video and audio programs.

* Excellent evaluations from my students and from peers and administrators.

* Programmed a new $35 million Communications Technology Building.

1999 – 2004 Asst Professor, Chapman University, Orange, CA

* Taught Courses in Editing, Advanced Editing, and Digital Filmmaking, at both Graduate and Undergraduate levels.

* Mentored many award winning student productions, notably including:

* Thesis committee member for Stacey Kattman, “Love Thy Neighbor,” 2004 Director’s Guild Student Film Award.

* Independent Study for Chris Mais combination live- action and animation, “Smile,” Student Storytelling Grand Prize, SIGGRAPH 2005.

* Taught and mentored Erin Tippits and Ben Emanual, A.C.E. Student Editing prize winners for 2002 and 2003 respectively.

* Developed and implemented a new editing curriculum for both graduate and undergraduate programs, including the editing of a feature film for advanced classes.

* Taught and helped develop beginning film production curriculum.

* Very strong evaluations from both my undergraduate and graduate students, including numerous student awards.

* Wrote four different 30+ page technical guides used by all incoming students to learn the editing systems (D/Vision, Discreet Logic, and Avid).

* Mentored and created guidebooks for adjunct and incoming professors.

* Managed a 24- hour crew of lab assistants who provided technical support throughout the film school.

* Advised over 40 students each semester on academic and professional issues.

* Tested, and oversaw implementation of new hardware and software technologies, including fibre- channel network video servers and Avid Unity servers.

* Mentored numerous internships and independent studies.

* Sat on the programming committee for new $30 million Film and Television Building.

* Oversaw advanced film and digital video productions of all types, including traditional narratives, animations, and documentaries

Other Experience

2005- Present Board of Directors, Film Programmer Art Theater, Binghamton, NY

2003 – 2004 Founder / Artistic Director The Stormseekers Theater Company, Orange County, CA

* Led and directed this acting company of 20 performers, writers, directors, technicians and designers, which focused on presenting new works from local writers.

* Personally wrote, directed, and produced readings and fully staged performances.

1996 Video Operations Manager / Documentarian TPI, Inc for Coca- Cola Olympic City, Atlanta, GA

* Wrote and developed video interactive programs for live performances at the 1996 Summer Olympic Games.

* Produced, directed and edited in- house documentaries.

Productions / Screenplays

2005 Director / Editor, “Graduates” (Format: Digital Video)

* A series of local television spots for Broome College featuring recent BCC graduates

2004 Director / Editor, “Better Days” (Format: Film and Digital Video)

* A music video for Sony recording artists “Ill Kidd” and “Willie Cash”

2004 Producer / Editor, “Binghamton, It’s a Work of Art” (Format: Digital Video)

* A promotional video for the city of Binghamton featuring Hillary

Clinton, Anthony Brunelli, Sen. Tom Libous, and prominent local artists

to promote the renaissance of downtown Binghamton through the arts.

2004 Screenwriter, Table at Luigi’s

* A feature length fairy tale screenplay about a Chef who can influence people through his cooking. Also exists as a stage play that has been performed by the StormSeekers Theater Company in Feb, 2004 and by Cal State Fullerton in Jun, 2004.

2003 Director / Editor, “Active for Life” (Format: Digital Video)

Client: American Cancer Society

* A promotional video presenting the features of the American Cancer Society’s new program focusing on simple activities that can help to prevent obesity.

2002 Director / Editor, “Todos A Bailar” (Format: Digital Video)

Client: American Diabetes Association

* A promotional video promoting the ADA’s outreach to the Hispanic community through dance.

2002 Screenwriter, Megan Marks: SuperDrew’s Girlfriend

* A feature length screenplay about a young reporter who finds a story in a man who believes himself to be a super- hero from the future.

2000 Editor, “Young Americans Retrospective” (Format: Video)

Client: The Young Americans

* A promotional video showcasing the 35 year history of “the Young Americans” national performing group. Updated in 2001 and 2003.

1999 Screenwriter, “Starring: Rachel Miller”

* A feature- length screenplay about a woman who manages a dinner theater in order to keep herself from performing in it. I have produced a short section of this script, and am currently in post- production on the project.

1998 Editor, “Making Choices” (Format: Digital Video)

Client: The Barbara Sinatra Children’s Center

* A set of three short films designed to make the young audience question the consequences of early sexual behavior.

1998 Editor, Need for Revenge (Format: Digital Video)

Client: Raven Paw Productions / Carl Dyer, director

* An action- oriented independent feature film about an elementary school teacher and martial artist who is pushed to the edge by the thugs who killed his father.

1997 Writer / Director, “9th Annual Inter- Gender Miniature Golf

Championship” (Format: Film)

* A short musical film about a miniature golf championship and the recently divorced founders / competitors who now, with new partners, fight each other for the crown.

1997 Writer / Director, “Camera Obscura” (Format: Film)

* A short film about a young girl who discovers that love may be closer than the unrealistic crush she has on her professor.

* Honorable Mention, Palm Springs Film Festival 1998

1996 Director / Editor, “Queen of the Snowflakes” (Format: Video)

* A documentary about a paraplegic performer who lost feeling in her lower body after an accident while performing, but can still sing and dance.