The 2017 AGATE Conference will be held at the Marriott Hotel and Conference Center in Little Rock, Arkansas.  Sandy Roe is the conference chairperson and Jimmy Lou Brandon is the Co-Chair. Please go to the AGATE website at to register.

What’s up!!
If your attention span is around 27 words long, just go to and sign up to speak and/or attend our awesome Google/Apple/one-to-one conference. Also, sign up for our email list and you’ll get a FREE copy of my children’s book (because why not)! 

If you think you can read a few more words and sentences, there is more below!!
I wanted to send you one email (yeah, just one) about two ways you can learn, expand, connect, share, and collaborate on your Google/tech knowledge in education!!
1. We’re hosting the most fun/creative education conference of all-time on June 12-14 at Bryant High School!! It’s going to have speakers/sessions on:
  • Google for Education (G-Suite) with Google Certified Trainers
  • Chromebook training
  • Apple device training
  • One-to-One implementation strategies
  • Time saving grading hacks
  • Authentic Teaching with technology
  • Innovative teaching techniques
  • Admin productivity tools
  • Web 2.0
  • AND MORE!!
It’ll be the most fun/informative education conference you’ve ever attended. Hands down, like a game of Twister. You can submit a proposal to speak and/or attend and/or learn more at
**We would LOVE for you to come hang, learn, create, collaborate, and enjoy this event with other great educators! Even if you may not want to attend just yet, stay connected and get exclusive content by signing up for our conference email list (you’ll also get a FREE copy of my children’s book for signing up)!**
2. I run a site called that has a plethora of free resources, fun videos, math lessons, Google tips/tricks, and conversations with people helping shape the future of education. You can sign up for the email list on that mug, as well!