The College EDGE Plan

What is EDGE?

EDGE is Educating for Diversity and Global Engagement!

The College of Liberal Arts EDGE plan is for ALL liberal arts students.  Given its increasingly global curriculum, and its expansion into more and more experiential learning activities, the College has decided to emphasize and make increasingly available to its students a number of distinctive educational opportunities.

First is our extensive global curriculum.  The College of Liberal Arts offers UCA’s students the most diverse curriculum on campus. As part of the university’s general education program we offer courses in World Literature, World History,  World Religions, World Philosophies, and Cultural Studies, to name a few.  In our degree programs students study international relations, comparative politics, languages and literatures from across the world, Asian philosophy and religion, modern African history, modern Japan, Islamic Middle East, etc.

Second, the college is offering an increasing number of opportunities for students to engage in “experiential learning.”

In recognition of this globally informed and actively engaged curriculum, the College now identifies itself as “Educating for Diversity and Global Engagement.”  We call this The Liberal Arts EDGE.

For more information about particular courses or activities, contact the specific departments in the College.

EDGE Funding: Students majoring in the College of Liberal Arts can apply for funding to support an EDGE activity, be it a research project, a study abroad opportunity or an internship.  For more information click here .

For information about EDGE Residential College