Susan Barclay (Ph.D., University of Mississippi)

Assistant Professor, CSPA

Mashburn 220

(501) 450-5303

 Curriculum Vitae

Educational Background

2012 – Doctor of Philosophy – Higher Education; The University of Mississippi

2006 – Master of Science – Professional Counseling; Georgia State University

2003 – Bachelor of Science – Social Science (Human Services); Mercer University

Teaching Field Specialization

CSPA 6V95 – Thesis I & Thesis II (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

CSPA 6311 – Leadership & Supervision (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

CSPA 6360 – Diversity in Higher Education (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

CSPA 6365 – Practicum (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

CSPA 6370 – Internship (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

CSPA 6392 – Student Development Theory (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

LEAD 6320 – Counseling Theories (Both Higher Education and K-12*)

LEAD 6321 – Research Methods (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

LEAD 6330 – Ind/Group Counseling Skills (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

LEAD 7300 – Literature Review (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

LEAD 8V08 – Major Area Research (Higher Education/Student Affairs)

LEAD 9V10 – Dissertation Leadership Studies (Higher Education/Student Affairs cognate)

SCCN 6340 – Career Guidance/Counseling (K-12*)

SCCN 6360 – School Counselor as Consultant (K-12*)

Pre-UCA Teaching Experience:

Career Counseling

Career and Life Planning

College Teaching

Conflict Resolution

Counseling Theories

Educational Statistics II

Fundamentals of Active Learning

Introduction to the Counseling Profession

Internship (Clinical Supervision)

Research and Publication

Student Services in Higher Education

Topics in Counseling: Adlerian Psychotherapy

Research Interests and Areas

Hartsoe, J.*, & Barclay, S. R. (in press). Universal design and disability: Assessing faculty beliefs, knowledge, and confidence in universal design for instruction. Journal of Postsecondary Education and Disability.

Barclay, S. R. (2017). Schlossberg’s transition theory. In W. Killam and S. Degges-White (Eds.) College student development: Applying theory to practice on the diverse campus (pp. 23-34). New York, NY: Springer Publishing Company.

Barclay, S. R., & Stoltz, K. B. (2016). The Life Design Group: A case study vignette in career construction counseling. Journal of Student Affairs Research & Practice, 53(1), pp. 78-89.

Barclay, S. R. (2016). Constructing a career: Constructivist group career construction counseling with low-income, first-generation students. In L. A. Busacca & M. C. Rehfuss (Eds.), Postmodern career counseling: A handbook of culture, contexts, and cases (pp.119-132). Alexandria, VA: American Counseling Association Publications.

Specialty Areas

Career Construction and Life Design
Identity Development
Transitions Across the Lifespan