There are a number of real virus threats, but there are also a number of computer virus hoaxes. These hoaxes normally appear in the form of an alarming email message describing the terrible results of receiving an email message virus, and instructs the reader to forward the warning to as many people as possible. The actual problem is the generation of massive amounts of email by persons who follow the instructions and forward the message to as many people as they know.The staff of the Information Technology department remains as up to date as possible on the various virus threats that are prevalent and take the necessary measures to safeguard against our network being affected. There is no need to forward email virus warnings. If you receive such a warning, you can contact Information Technology Department

To keep up with the various popular virus hoaxes visit,

General Information
General information about the cause and effects of viruses as well as detailed info about specific viruses and what they do.

VBS Scripts
Most of the email spread viruses are of the visual basic scripting (VBS) variety. A virus of this type works by executing a VBS script that performs malicious activity on your computer. You can avoid VBS script viruses by…

  1. …not using the Microsoft Outlook email client – While VBS scripts can run in various Microsoft applications like Word, the VBS email viruses are primarily targeted at the Microsoft Outlook email client.
  2. …removing visual basic scripting from your computer
    • Select Start > Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs
    • Remove “windows Scripting Host” of that appears in the list of installed software
  3. …NOT opening unknown email attachments. If you were not expecting an attachment, then don’t open it.