Trouble With Your Network Connection

If you’re having trouble with your connection, try going through this list of common problems

***Be sure you are using a standard Category 5 data cable to connect your computer to the jack in the wall.

Telephone cables WILL NOT WORK.***

  1. If you are getting an error message when your computer starts that says, “computer name specified is already in use on the network”, you need to change your computer name. To do this, follow the steps below:
    • Click “Start” then “Settings” then “Control Panel”.
    • Double-click the Network icon
    • Click the “Identification” tab
    • Under “Computer Name”, change what is in the box to a name that is unique to your computer, such as your residence hall name and room number, like this: Denney402
    • Click “OK”
    • Choose “Yes” to reboot


  2. Click on “Start” then “Run”, type winipcfg, and press Enter. If “PPP adapter” is showing in the top box, you should remove all other modem-type adapters from you network properties. To do this, follow the steps below:
    • Click “Start” then “Settings” then “Control Panel”
    • Double-click the Network icon.
    • Highlight the AOL and/or DialUp adapter by single-clicking on its name.
    • Click on “Remove”, then click “OK”
    • Choose “Yes” to restart.


  3. Renew your ethernet adapter’s IP address. To do this, follow the steps below:
    • Click “Start” then “Run”, type winipcfg, and press Enter.
    • Your ethernet adapter should now be showing in the box at the top.
    • Click on “Release All”
    • Click on “Renew All”
    • After a few seconds, the number next to Default Gateway should change. When the number appears in this field, your connection is working.


  4. If your computer still won’t connect, reboot once more and repeat the procedure.
  5. If you are using Internet Explorer as your browser, you may need to configure your Internet connection to use the local area network instead of the modem. To do this, follow the steps below:
    • Click “Start”, “Settings”, and “Control Panel”
    • Double-click the “Internet/Internet Options” icon.
    • Click the “Connection” tab.
    • If your computer has an Internet Connection Wizard, start it and answer the questions. Anytime “Local Area Network” is an option, choose it. When asked about your proxy server, choose “Automatic discovery”.

Note: This procedure is different for each version of Internet Explorer. Some versions do not have an Internet Connection Wizard at all. If you do not have this option, disregard this step.

If you have tried all of the above and are still not able to connect, call the Information Technology Department Helpdesk at 450-3107 to schedule an appointment. When you call, be sure to give us a time when you are likely to be available. A technician will come to your residence hall to check the connection and verify that it is working. It is possible that we will need to come to your room to properly check your connection. In this case, someone must be in your room to provide access for our technician. Please be aware that the Information Technology Department cannot work on student computers. Since your computer is not University property, we are not allowed to do any kind of repair, configuration, or maintenance on it. If we come to your room, we will check your connection only. Click “OK”