Summer Session
Whether you are returning or starting your school year, we encourage you to continue to visit or call us. Recommendations are listed below to help you.

The Blackboard system is unavailable Sunday nights between 10:00 p.m. and approximately 1:00 a.m. For system backup, Blackboard will be unavailable during this time

Visit the Information Technology Help Desk
We welcome you to come and visit the Information Technology Help Desk. We are located in Burdick Hall room 106 on the first floor. If you would like to contact us, our number is (501) 450-3107 or email us at

Check Your Internet Connection
If you have your own laptop or computer, we recommend you make sure that you can access the internet on UCA’s network. When connected you will have access to the Internet, but access to the networked applications that are in the computer labs is not available.

On-Campus Computer Labs
There are a number of computer labs around campus that are available at various times for student use. Two of these labs are maintained by the Computer Services department, the rest are maintained by other departments.

View On-Campus Computer Lab Locations
View and Download the UCA Campus Map


Student Network Accounts
Network Accounts
Student network accounts are automatically generated when the student is admitted to the University. All online systems are tied to this account including email, Blackborad, myUCA and wireless access. Accounts cannot be changed unless the student legally changes their name and it has been updated in the Student Information System by the Registrar’s office. The student will then be required to get a new UCA ID from the Bearcard office reflecting their name. Once these steps are accomplished, the student may choose to change their network account by presenting their updated UCA ID to the IT Helpdesk located in Burdick Hall 106.Please note that this process may take up to two days to complete. During this time, access to some systems may be disrupted. You will be contacted when your new account is ready. You will have 14 days to forward your email from your old account to your new account. This can be accomplished by logging into with your old account and password. After 14 days, you old account will be deleted. Any mail address to the old account will be returned as undeliverable.

Note: Soon after the beginning of each semester the network accounts for students no longer enrolled are deleted. If you have changed your student ID or your name since your account was first created, your account will be deleted even though you may still be enrolled.To use your account you will need to know your account name and your password.


Internet and Network
UCA Network Access
If you are living on campus in the residence halls and have your own computer you can connect it to the UCA campus network. When connected you will have access to the Internet, but access to the networked applications that are in the computer labs is not available.If you decide to connect your computer to the UCA network, remember that it is entirely voluntary. You will be accountable for actions performed from your computer. If your computer is affected in an adverse way by being connected to the network, UCA is not responsible.The Information Technology Department will make every effort to ensure that the network connection in your room functions.If you are having trouble with your network connection, contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Accessing The Network
Network Access for UCA Residential Halls
Network Access for UCA Apartments

Routers and wireless routers/access points will not be allowed in residential housing.
These devices interfere with the campus network.
Desktop Wireless adapters are not supported.


Personal Computers
Setting Up Your Computer
There is no charge to connect your computer to the UCA campus network, but the setup and maintenance of your computer is your responsibility. UCA technical staff is not authorized to perform any type of work on your computer. If the installation of an ethernet adapter is necessary for your computer you can setup your computer yourself, but it is recommended that you take your computer to a service center of your choice (check the Yellow Pages) for the installation and configuration of your Ethernet adapter.


Antivirus Software
If you do not currently have current security software on your computer, the Free Antivirus Programs page provides some options for students that are available at no cost for personal use.


Student Email
Accessing Your Student Email
Student email system is GroupWise. GroupWise is a robust, dependable messaging and collaboration system that connects you to your universal mailbox anytime and anywhere.  We will find features within GroupWise that will help you view, organize, and send your email(s) to your needs. Students can access their student mail at more about Student Email

POP Your Emails To Mobile Device
GroupWise has to abiilty to POP your emails to your Apple or Android mobile device. The available links are provided with instructions for you to enjoy the features of GroupWise your mobile device.
iPhone – Setup Instructions for Student POP
Android – Setup Instructions for Student POP
MAC OS Mail Client setup instructions for Student POP


UCA Computer Web Usage and Policies
The UCA Web Usage and Computer policies can be viewed by the provided links:
UCA Board of Trustees Website Usage
UCA Board of Trustees Computer Use