Resizing Large Image To Send Through UCANET-LIST

Large picture attachments sometimes get stopped by the ucanet-l list because they are too large. The list limits how large attachments can be. If you are using Windows XP there is a simple way to automatically resize your pictures as you email them. Follow the instructions below and your pictures should come through fine on the list.

  1. Open My Computer or My Documents and navigate to the folder containing the pictures you wish to email.
  2. Select the picture or pictures you want to send.
  3. In the tasks panel on the left, click on "Email this file" or "E-mail the selected items". The choice will change depending upon whether you have one or multiple pictures selected. Once you select the option the Send Pictures by E-Mail dialog box will appear.
  4. Select the "Make all my pictures smaller" option and click the OK button.

A status bar should appear briefly as Windows resizes the files, then a new message is opened in your GroupWise with your pictures attached.

Windows inserts the file names into the subject field of the message. You will probably want to change this.
Most images will be converted to JPEGs for best compatibility.
Some files types (such as PSD) cannot be converted by Windows.

If you’re using Windows classic folders, you won’t have a tasks panel. Go to:

  • Tools
  • Folder Options
  • General Tasks to verify or change your preferences.