p401w The NP-401w, a value-driven, eco-friendly portable projector ideal for classes. This model delivers bright images and features for easy-to-use networking technologies.

Vendor: CCS Presentation Systems/ dba Midwest Presentations
Vendor Number: B01157319
Document Text Information: UCA-13-014

Main Features

  • 4000 Lumen Entry Level Install Projector
  • 3000:1 Contrast with IRIS
  • Dual HDMI
  • Wired/Wireless (Wireless LAN module optional) Networking
  • 16W speaker
  • USB Input(Display)
  • Closed Captioning

COST:  $1,061 per unit, shipping included

Primary Contact: Mike McGee
Telephone: (913) 948-6664
Cell Phone: (913) 522-4452
Fax: (913) 948-6667