Network Access for UCA Apartments

Residents of the UCA apartments listed here may access the UCA campus network via wireless networking. This information applies only to the listed apartments. For Internet access in other apartments please contact the UCA Housing Department at 501-450-3132.

You should note that the wireless network in the apartments uses a radio frequency of 2.4 GHz. There are other products, such as some cordless phones, that also use this frequency. These products create interference with the wireless network, potentially causing connection problems for you and others in your area. If you are not sure if your product uses the 2.4 GHz frequency, please consult the documentation for that product. In most cases, this information will be included on the packaging. Cell phones will not cause this problem.

In order to access UCA’s wireless network, the student’s computer will need to be equipped with a wireless network adapter. Most modern laptop computers come with a wireless network adapter already installed. However, most desktop-style computers do not, therefore a wireless network adapter will need to be purchased. Here are some guidelines for purchasing the adapter:

  • All adapters should be 802.11G compatible. (This should be indicated on the outside packaging.) It may also indicate that compatibility with 802.11 A or B, but must include G.
  • There are some 802.11G adapters that look like USB thumb drives. In our experience these adapters do not work well, so they are NOT recommended.
  • With PCs, the best wireless connections are made with adapters that can have the antenna above the PC as high as possible.
  • There are many wireless adapters available and most will work with the UCA wireless, provided they meet the 802.11G standard. Below are some examples of the type of adapter that should work for you. If you have any questions about a particular product you can find more information, including instruction manuals, at their respective websites.
Linksys Group Wireless G USB Network Adapter
Part #: WUSB54GS / 2539333
Linksys Group Wireless G USB Network Adapter
Part #: WUSB54GR / S5308119
Linksys Group Wireless G USB Network Adapter
Part #: WUSB200
3COM Officeconnect Wireless
Part #: 3CRUSB20075

Please Note: Students may choose to purchase an internal wireless adapter. If so, be aware that internal adapters require installation by qualified personnel and the student will be responsible for this. For best performance, UCA also recommends that an external antenna be purchased with all internal adapters. Here is an example of an internal wireless adapter and an external antenna:

Trendnet 54MBPS 802.11G Wireless PCI AD
Part #: TEW-423PI
Mfg Part # (EXT105)