Mac OS Email Setup Instructions

Setting up the Mac Mail Client to Receive Student GroupWise Email Using POP3

These instructions are for student GroupWise accounts only. Faculty/Staff users cannot use POP3 to access their GroupWise email. GroupWise DataSync is available for faculty/staff users.

The following instructions are written for Mail v6.6

  1. Open your Mail client.
  2. Click on Mail >> Preferences
  3. Click on the Accounts tab.
  4. Click the “+” symbol located at the botton left corner of the window. This is the “Add Account” button.
  5. On the Add Account window, enter the email address (ex. and your student PIN/password. This information must be valid.
  6. Click the Continue button. The Mail client will try to find a mail server that responds… it will not find one.
  7. We must manually enter this information.
    1. Account Type: POP
    2. Description: Not required
    3. Incoming Mail Server:
    4. User Name: Should be filled in already. If not, enter your UCA email address
    5. Password: Should be filled in already. If not, enter your PIN/Password
    6. Click the Continue button. The Mail clinet should be able to login to the inbound POP3 server. When it does, you will be prompted to enter the outbound mail server information.
    7. Description: Not required
    8. Outgoing Mail Server:
    9. Leave the “Use only this server” option checked.
    10. Check the Use Authentication checkbox.
    11. Your user name and password should be filled in automatically. If not, enter them as the credentials for authentication.
    12. Click the Continue button to respond to the warning message about sending your password securely. We do not force SSL/TLS on the outbound server.
  8. Review the account summary. Note: SSL should be required for the Inbound server, but not required for the outbound server.
  9. Leave the “Take Account Online” option checked.
  10. Click the Create button.
  11. Close the Accounts dialog window.

You should notice that email has started to be delivered to your Mail client from your UCA GroupWise account. You can view this email by clicking on the newly created account that is listed in your Mail client. It should be located in your Inbox under any other account that was preexisting.