IT Updates

Internet Native Banner
If you are using Internet Native Banner, we recommend that you do not download Java Version 7 Update 5, the latest version. Internet Native Banner does not work effectively with Java Version 7 Update 5. We have found that Java Version 6 Update works with both Internet Native Banner and Blackboard. If you have to use both systems we recommend that you do not install the latest version, but keep or install Java Version 6 Update 31 on your computer.


New Java Update Fixes “Firefox” My Computer Icon in Blackboard
There has bee issues with the My Computer icon not working while in Firefox in Blackboard. The newest Java update fixes this problem in Firefox.

Download Java Version 7 Update 5


Email WebAccess and Internet Explorer 9
Sometimes when using Internet Explorer 9 to access your email it will display a blank web page. Use the following steps to correct this issue.
Use Compatibility Mode: To turn Compatibility View on, click the Compatibility View button to make the icon change from an outline to a solid color . This Compatibility icon will be located to the far right of the address bar.

Alternatively you may use a different browser


Having Trouble Viewing Pages in Blackboard
We have noticed some issues with Blackboard that may require recommendations to:
Archive Versions of Java
Click here to see how to uninstall your current Java from your computer
Download Mozilla Firefox 3.6 

Browsers and Operating Systems
Supported Browsers & Operating Systems for our version of Blackboard