iPhone Email Setup Instructions

If you are using the UCA wireless system you must be logged in order to setup POP/IMAP on your device. You are not required to login when using the cellular network.

The following procedures are used to setup the iPhone device to connect to the GroupWise mail system.

  1. Navigate to Settings –> Mail, Contacts, Calendars –> Add Account
  2. Select Other –> Add Mail Account
  3. On the New Account information screen enter the following
    1. Name: Your name (i.e. John Smith)
    2. Address: Your UCA email address (i.e. jsmith312@uca.edu)
    3. Password: Your PIN/Password
    4. Description: This is optional
  4. Select Next.
    The phone will attempt to automatically detect settings. This may take some time… be patient. When it finishes continue with the setup.
  5. Select POP (You must use POP to be able to send messages)
  6. Enter the following information. The Name Address, and Description fields should already be completed from the screen.
    Incoming Mail Server

    1. Host Name: spop.uca.edu
    2. User Name: Your UCA network user name (i.e. jsmith312)
    3. Password: Your PIN/Password (this should already be entered)

    Outgoing Mail Server

    1. Host Name: spop.uca.edu
    2. You must enter the following:
      User Name: Your UCA network user name (i.e. jsmith312)
      Password: Your PIN/Password
  7. Select Save.
    The following verification process could take as long as five minutes. Please be patient.
    The phone will try to verify the account and may return a message telling you that it cannot connect using SSL.
  8. Select No to connect to the account without using SSL.
  9. Select Save (located in the upper right corner)
  10. Select Save again at the prompt telling you that the account may not be able to send or receive emails.
  11. Select the account you just created (it should be listed under the Accounts heading)

Once Step 11 is completed proceed to the set of instructions that pertains to your iPhone device.

You must perform the steps below to complete the setup

For iOS v5 and above

  1. Scroll down and select Advanced
  2. Under Incoming Setting change Use SSL to ON and ensure that the server Port is 995.
  3. Select the back button (upper left-hand corner).
  4. Select Outgoing Mail Server
  5. Select Primary Server
  6. Under Outgoing Mail Server change Use SSL to OFF and ensure that the server Port is 25.
  7. Select Done (upper right-hand corner).
  8. Select the back button (upper left-hand corner)
  9. Select Done

For iOS below v5

  1. Scroll down to the Outgoing Mail Server and select spop.uca.edu.
  2. Select spop.uca.edu listed under the Primary Server
  3. Select Port and change the port from 587 to 25 then select Done
  4. Select the back arrow at the upper left corner then select Done

You can now use the email account.