Internet Native Banner(INB)

Administrative users interface with the Banner application via Oracle forms and is commonly referred to as Internet Native Banner. Access to the various Banner modules via INB is granted by the data owners.

To access the Internet Native Banner, login to myUCA and click on the My Work tab.
Within the My Work tab select Internet Native Banner (PROD) from the quick links.
Faculty Printing Their Class Roster.

  • Select “Self-Service” Tab
  • The computer will find many flash files, including “flash8b.ocx” or “flash9b.ocx.”
  • Click on:
    1. Faculty or Faculty and Advisors
    2. Enter Grades and Registration Overrides, View Class Lists and Student Information
  • Click on:
    • Summary Class List
    • Select Term, submit
    • Select CRN from the drop down menu, submit
    • CRN:
    • Review List
    • File-Print