iFolder 3

Novell® iFolder® is a Net services software solution for Windows and Macs that allows your local data files to follow you across multiple workstations, on our network and the Internet. It provides a simple, convenient and secure way to access local data files while you are mobile.

With iFolder, each person has a single virtual work folder that provides convenient and secure access to the most recent version of local documents. All you need is an active network or Internet connection and the iFolder client. When you log in to an iFolder server from another workstation, the iFolder client synchronizes the files by downloading the new and changed files.

Simply put, you can install the iFolder client on multiple computers. When you place a file in the iFolder on one computer it will appear in your iFolder on other computers as long as they are connected to our network or the Internet. As a result you can seamlessly share files between your work, home, and laptop computers.

Note that the file transfer from your iFolder to the server is not instantaneous. Depending on the file size it could take a few minutes, so if you drop a file into your iFolder and immediately turn off your computer it most likely will not be synchronized with your other iFolder computers. You have to give it a little time to take action.

WARNING: Your account name and password are just used so that the iFolder client can access your files on the server. iFolder is meant to be used only on the compter you use personally. The iFolder files on your computer can be accessed by anyone that has the same physical access to the computer as you. Do not install the iFolder client in computer labs, classrooms, or other public computers.

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