iFolder 3 Quick Start Guide

1) To install iFolder3 please type ifolder3.uca.edu in your web browser. Click on the link – download the iFolder client for Windows (XP/Vista/7).

2) Run the setup directly from the iFolder3 server or save the install file to your desktop.
NOTE: After installation you can delete the install file from your desktop.

3) If you saved the install file to your desktop install iFolder3 by double-clicking the file, then follow the on-screen instructions.
3.1) IMPORTANT: iFolder3 for Windows requires the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework. If it is not detected, the setup will automatically install it for you.

3.2) At this point information in these fields are optional for your personal computer. For your work pc (UCA) leave the pre-filled information.

4) When prompted to reboot the computer click Yes and allow the reboot to continue.
NOTE: Please be patient after the reboot. The iFolder3 client can take some time to load and begin the login process.

5) Follow the on-screen instructions after the reboot.
5.1) IMPORTANT: Domain Address – You must type ifolder3.uca.edu just like the picture below.

5.2) Type in your UCA account name and password.

5.3) Verify and connect:

NOTE: If you are running personal firewall software, i.e. ZoneAlarm, Norton, McAfee, etc. on your computer, you might receive a message asking whether you want to block Mono-XSP. You must Unblock (or do not block) Mono-XSP.

5.4) Create a default iFolder:

5.5) Installation complete: