GroupWise is the UCA email system. You can download the system to your computer or access the client on the web. Training sessions are provided by the IT department or you can view the Frequently Asked Questions page.

GroupWise Calendaring/Task Management and GroupWise Basics. If you are interested in attending a session, contact the IT Help Desk at 450-3107. Visit the Frequently Asked Questions page for instructions to receive the features that fits your GroupWise needs.

GroupWise Installation
GroupWise Client Install Notes
When installing the client, select the upgrade option when prompted. During the install, the progress bar may not show anything. This is normal. Please wait for the install to complete.When first logging in using the GroupWise 2012 client, you must accept the security certificate from your post office. This will occur prior to you entering your password. Click on the Accept button to connect to GroupWise. You will be required to do this only once.

MAC OS v10.8 users will be required to install Apple’s Java SE 6 Runtime environment. You will be prompted to do this automatically

GroupWise Web Access and Downloads
GroupWise Web Access

Windows client (English only) Windows XP and Windows 7/8
Windows client (Multi-language) Windows XP and Windows 7 only. Do not use for Windows 8

NOTE: A fully functioning Windows 8 version of the multi-language client is not yet available.

Linux client
Mac client (English Only)
Mac client (Multi-Language)


Configuring Your GroupWise Client
Configuring Your GroupWise Client


GroupWise Documentation


DataSync accounts are available for the UCA Faculty and Staff community.  If you would like a DataSync account created, call the IT Helpdesk at 450-3107.  Once your new DataSync account has been created, you will receive an email with the setup procedures.


Configuring GroupWise With Your Mobile Device
iPhone Setup Instructions For Student POP
Android Setup Instructions For Student POP