GroupWise 2012

Changes in GroupWise 2012
Windows Client Enhancements
When you modify existing appointments by changing the subject, body text, attachments, and so on, changes display automatically in recipients’ Calendars. However, when you modify the date, time, or place, recipients have the opportunity to re-accept the appointment. Appointment modifications also carry through to delegated appointments.

The Multi-User Calendar now includes week, month, and year views, with adjustable columns.

Scheduling recurring appointments is much easier.

Those who share folders can enjoy sharing an entire folder tree in a single operation.

Name completion remembers who you selected last time and displays the most relevant users first.

Speller technology has been upgraded to provide higher quality for all supported languages.

WebAccess Enhancements
GroupWise 2012 includes a new WebAccess interface designed for use on the Apple iPad. It enables you to access your GroupWise mailbox from your iPad with the standard iPad look and feel. You can compose, retract, read, reply to, and forward email messages, as well as check the status of sent items. You can schedule appointments for yourself and others, as well as accept, decline, and delegate appointments. You can create tasks for yourself and others, and view the Tasklist folder. Robust search capabilities are available.


Checking the current version of your GroupWise client
If you follow these procedures, and find that your client version is 8.0.0 or better, please check other computers that you may use or own, such as a home PC. If you are certain that you are using the correct version, please disregard.

  1. Open GroupWise.
  2. [PC] Click on Help –> About GroupWise, [Mac] Click on GroupWise –> About GroupWise.
    Windows PC
  3. Look at the Program Release version. If it says 7.x or 6.x, you will need to upgrade

There are a couple upgrade options available to you.

  1. You can upgrade the GroupWise client yourself (the preferred method). This would require just a few button clicks and would not require a reboot. You would start by closing your GroupWise 7 client, downloading the new client by clicking on the correct link, located at (, then installing the new client using the downloaded file.
  2. If are not comfortable upgrading the client yourself, you can call the IT Helpdesk, (501) 450-3107, and they can schedule a technician to arrive and perform the upgrade. Of course, this applies to on-campus, UCA owned computers only.

If you have any questions regarding this matter, please call the IT Helpdesk.