Distance Education
Blackboard Course Request
Use this form to request Blackboard Courses, TA’s, Changes, etc.


Network/Email Account or Access
UCA Employee Account
Use this form to request an account for any new faculty or staff member who will actually be and employee at UCA. Even temporary or part-time. This form provides us the information needed to create a new account. for a faculty or staff member.

Student Employee Account
This form is to request access for student employees, both graduate assistants and normal student workers. Access can include a departmental pool drive access and/or GroupWise proxy.

Guest Access Request
This form is to request temporary access to UCA services for individuals who are here temporarily and are not employees of UCA. Since we are not automatically notified of the departure of non-UCA employees we must have a different method of accounting for these.

Email Account Only
This form is for requesting an email account for a particular function rather than for a person. Examples might include email for a department, a program or a unique campus function.

Account Removal
We are usually notified by Human Resources about any departing employee and their account will automatically be removed, but should you desire (for some reason) that an account needs to be removed more quickly than the standard process you can use this form to make that request. This could also apply to the email only accounts.

Visit the Account Creation Rules on the Accounts page to view information on how account names are created.


IT Services
Adjunct Laptop Request
This form is used to request laptops for UCA Adjunct Professors/Lecturers.

Install a New Data Line
Use this form to arrange to have a network data line installed where none exists now.

IP Address Assigment
This form provides the information required for us to assign a static IP address for a networked device.

Wifi Registration
This form allows you to register wireless devices on the campus wireless network if you have a UCA network account.


Room Reservation
Information Technology has various special function rooms that can be reserved by the UCA community. Below are the list of rooms, links to their descriptions, and links to the reservation form.

“The rooms listed below are special purpose rooms and not intended to host standard scheduled classes.”

Media Viewing Room Burdick Hall 205
IT Training Room Burdick Hall 218
IT Training Room Torreyson Library 117
Video Conferencing Room Burdick Hall 220
Video Conferencing Room Doyne Health Science 221
Video Conferencing Room Main Hall 003