Desktop Support

Desktop Support provides technical assistance to end users of IT services. This includes telephone, on location and depot support. Some level of assistance is available to all areas of the UCA campus.



The Applications page provides a list of all the application provided and suggested by the Information Technology department.
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iPrint allows users to install printers, along with their associated drivers, from a web browser and to submit print jobs over the Internet or on our local network through the standard Internet Printing Protocol (IPP). The user simply needs a small program installed on their computer called the iPrint client. If the client is not installed, the iPrint system will install the client prior to installing the printer.

Office 2013 For Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff are able to download Office 2013 for FREE. Download your copy at

Office 365 ProPlus For Students

UCA students are able to download Office 365 ProPlus for FREE. Download your copy at


Keep your computer safe from threats that can cause harm to your computer.
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Supported Computers

Computer models fall under limited support when parts for them are no longer available from the vendor. Currently this occurs five years after the end of the manufacturing cycle for Dell and Lenovo. Since parts are no longer available support will be limited to printer setup, virus scans, Helpdesk phone support and disk imaging (data files can be saved when imaging).
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IT Field Techs assist with questions and problems relating to the use of networked microcomputer systems.
These services consist of:

  • Install, configure, and support networked microsystems.
  • Install, configure, and support networked computer software.
  • Activate new connections to network.
  • Troubleshoot network connections that are not working properly.
  • Work with other IT staff members to analyze, identify, and resolve network problems.
  • Promote goodwill and professional customer relations within the campus community.
  • Staff the IT computer support Help Desk as needed in a professional and skillful manner.
  • Assist MAC users with hardware and software issues.
  • Provide tech support in dorms in the absence of dorm technician.
  • Assist infrastructure person with new building wiring projects.


Workroom provides services UCA computers for faculty and staff
These services consist of:

  • Reformatting
  • Reinstallation of software
  • Troubleshoot and repair computer problems
  • Replace computer hardware
  • Deliver, setup, and install new computers for Faculty and Staff members
  • Assist the Helpdesk Staff with work overflow.
  • Maintain most departmental computer labs throughout the UCA campus.

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