Become A Registered Apple User – Step by Step Process

  1. Please go to, and click sign up
    Please use Internet Explorer 8, Safari or Firefox.
  2. Click on the Sign Up button enter your Name and Email account, if it gives you an error saying the email cannot be used, then you will need to use another email. Fill in the Capture code and Click Next.
  3. A validation email will be sent to the email address you registered with address you registered with.
  4. Locate your Institution. Click Next
  5. Choose your school from the list. Click Next
  6. Agree to the Terms Click Next
  7. Fill out the password and security questions etc… Click Next
  8. Verify the information and click Submit.
  9. NEXT STEP TO REQUEST ACCESS Log into the account
  10. Click on Applications under Home on the left panel. Choose Request Access.
  11. Click Apple Online Store – Click Next
  12. Click your school – Click Next
  13. Click on Role and choose either Proposer or Purchaser depending on your role.
  14. Add Managers Name and Email. Click Next
  15. Verify information and click Submit.
  16. This will now be sent to your managers email for approval. Upon approval you will receive and email saying “Welcome to the Online Store.”
  17. Go back to Applications and double click on Apple Online Store (AOS) to enter your store.