Faculty and Staff Accounts
A network account is required in order to access shared network applications and your personal network storage space.

A new account may be requested by filling out the UCA Employee Account form. The account must be approved by your department head. Once the account is created, your supervisor/department head will be notified and can pass the account information along to you.

Account Creation Rules
Enter the account name you prefer up to 15 characters. This will be used for network and Banner access as well as for your email address. Granting of requested account name is based on availability, format, and technical restrictions. Please do not enter “”.

Account Names will generally be assigned according to the following format if the name is available: First initial followed by last name or First name followed by last initial. Accounts will not be named with only the first or last name of an individual.

Note, that account name changes are not trivial. If you do not specify a requested account name, do not call later indicating that you want something different than was assigned. Along the same lines, if you do indicate a name, make sure it is the one wanted

Individual account names will reflect the actual name of the individual, though common shorted versions are allowed (i.e. Bob for Robert, Debbie for Deborah, etc). Departmental names (email aliases) will reflect the name and/or function of the department. Generic names may not be used. For example, would not be an appropriate selection.

Student Accounts
All registered students at UCA have a network account setup automatically. There is no need to request your account.

Note that soon after the beginning of each semester the network accounts for students no longer enrolled are deleted. If you have changed your student ID or your name since your account was first created, your account will be deleted even though you may still be enrolled.

To use your account you will need to know your account name and your password.