International Engagement produces a monthly newsletter designed to update the UCA community on recent accomplishments and upcoming events and deadlines.

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IE April 2013 Newsletter  – Distributed April 2

  • Photo Contest Winners
  • Study Tips from the IEP Faculty
  • The April Shuttle Schedule
  • Information about the Holi Festival
  • A report from the TESOL Conference

IE March 2013 Newsletter – Distributed March 4

  • UCA International Students Visit Crystal Bridges Museum
  • JS’s Tips on Income Tax
  • The March Shuttle Schedule
  • A letter from Sara Parrott
  • Spring Break Photo Contest

IE February 2013 Newsletter – Distributed February 1

  • UCA International Students Visit the Clinton Library
  • Allie Kwizera Attends Presidential Inauguration
  • Sara’s Tips on International Student Insurance
  • Chinese New Year Celebration to be Held at UCA
  • Romeo’s Tips for a Fun and Inexpensive Valentine’s Day

IE November 2012 Newsletter – Distributed November 5

  • Bears without Borders
  • Celebrating Thanksgiving
  • MMR & T-Spot Reimbursement
  • Admissions
  • Idioms related to travel
  • Spotlight: International Education Week

October 2012 Newsletter – Distributed October 4

  • International Students Volunteer with Baum Art Gallery
  • Fall Festivities: Hay Ride and Halloween Party
  • Fall Break Plans: Travel Tips & Staying On Campus
  • Workshops Overview
  • Idioms related to food
  • Student Spotlight: Jean Paul Ngabonziza

September 2012 Newsletter – Distributed September 1

  • Immigration Tip regarding SSN applications
  • Announcements about Labor Day, Language Corner, Kroger Marketplace & Second Year Review
  • Idioms related to weather
  • Culture Share introduction
  • Student Spotlight: Team Global