MMR and T-Spot Claims

As of August 1, 2012 Trawick International will reimburse the cost of the MMR and T-Spot requirements if:

  • You have insurance with Trawick International AND
  • You received your MMR and/or T-Spot from the UCA Student Health Clinic AND
  • You file your claim within 90 days of receiving your first vaccine


What you need to file your claim:
  • Request your Walkout Statement from the Student Health Clinic
    • Pick up your Walkout Statement at the Student Health Clinic using your Student ID
    • See an Example Walkout Statement
    • Note: You will have one Walkout Statement for each time you visited the Student Health Clinic. You can file all of these together, just be sure to attach each Walkout Statement with your claim.
  • Complete Claim Form
    • Come to an International Engagement Insurance Workshop to complete your claim form
  • Email with all your documents
    • Scan all pages of all of your documents and attach to the email
    • You can scan at the Torreyson Library or at the Office of International Engagement in McCastlain Hall.
  • Update your address at following these instructions.
    • If you do not update your address, the insurance company will send the check to the International Engagement in McCastlain Hall.

Common Questions

Can I file my two MMR and my T-Spot shot all at the same time?
Yes. You can submit one claim for all your MMR shots and your T-Spot OR you can file them separately.

When does the 90 day limit begin?
You have 90 days from your first shot to file a claim for that reimbursement. Then you have another 90 days from your 2nd shot to file that claim. If you file them all together, you should do it within the 90 days after your first shot.

I got my shots last year. Can I get reimbursed now?
No. You must file within 90 days of receiving the shot or test.

I got one of my MMR shots in my home country. Can I get reimbursed for it too?
No. You can only get reimbursed for MMR shots received at the UCA Student Health Clinic.

You can also file claims through Should I file my claim there as well?
Our insurance agent at Trawick International would prefer you send your claims directly to her. This way she will process your claim faster and give you your refund sooner. Email your your claim to

I filled my claim a while ago. Where’s my refund?
About one week after you file your claim, check the status of your claim online. It may take up to 10 days for your claims to appear online.

What is a routing number and account number?
These numbers can be found at the bottom of a check or with your online bank account. These numbers will not be on your debit card. The routing number usually has this symbol before and after the number |:  The account number will be the other set of numbers. Do not include the check number, which is usually 4 digits and the bottom right.

What if I leave UCA before receiving my check?
If your check remains with International Engagement after you return to your home country, we will return it to sender. You should make sure your direct deposit form is filled out so you can receive the money, even if you’ve already returned to your home country.