Housing Applications

Once your visa is approved and your flight is booked, apply for campus housing. UCA offers in-state tuition for international students who live on campus. Choose from a variety of campus halls and apartments. Housing applications are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more about Housing Options.

Submit all three of the following completed forms to housing@uca.edu or fax to 501-450-5374.

Fall Housing Deposit – pay here – http://uca.edu/go/deposit  (no deposit required for Summer)
Login to myUCA
Click on Self-Service
Click on Student & Financial Aid
Click on Student Account
Click on Payment and Deposit Processing
Click on Housing Deposit Payment for (Term You are Applying For Campus Housing)
Once you have submitted all parts of your housing application, the housing office will begin work on assigning you to a residential college.  It will take some time.  Once your housing has been assigned you will be able to view your housing assignment in your MyUCA Account.  You can use this PDF to learn how to view your housing assignment, view your roommates, view and change your meal plan.
MyUCA How To – Housing and Meal Plan
Residential College Opportunity
Many international student choose to stay in Residential Colleges. The purpose of Residential Colleges is to develop a living/learning community for students and faculty with a shared interest.
The Residential Colleges give you something no other residence hall offers…a full-time UCA faculty member living in the hall. These Resident Masters help to create an extended family atmosphere within the college (plus they’re pretty cool). Also, smaller class size in the Residential Colleges allows for more interaction with your other professors.
In addition, since many of the Residential College classes are held in the residence hall, students can often attend class without worrying about parking hassles or bad weather.
or Watch you can watch this video to learn more
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