International Admissions

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Welcome to the University of Central Arkansas!

Application Deadlines:
Fall Semester (August – December) Admission: June 15
       Exchange student deadline is April 15.
Spring Semester (January – May) Admission: November 15
       Exchange student deadline is October 15.
Summer Semester (June – August) Admission: April 15
Application deadlines are different for Graduate Programs. Please see more below.

Intensive English Program (IEP) Only

If you are interested in coming to the University of Central Arkansas just to study English and are not applying as part of an exchange agreement, you may apply for admission as an IEP Only student.

Intensive English Program (IEP)/Undergraduate

If you are unable to meet the English proficiency requirements for regular undergraduate admission, but would otherwise be considered an undergraduate freshman, transfer or post-baccalaureate student you may apply as for admission as an IEP/undergraduate student.


If you are still completing a high school or secondary school education, aside from concurrent credit, or have completed high school or secondary school and not taken a college or university course you may apply for admission as an undergraduate student.


If you have taken a college or university course after graduation from high school or left high school before graduating to enroll full-time in college courses you may apply for admission as a transfer student.


If you already have a bachelor, master or doctoral degree and need undergraduate classes or want to complete an additional Bachelor degree you may apply for admission as a degree-seeking or non-degree seeking post-baccalaureate student.


If you have already completed a bachelor degree and are interested in pursuing a master or doctoral degree you may apply for admission as a graduate student.
Graduate Deadlines:
Please contact the Office of International Admissions for specific deadlines.  Some programs only accept applications for the Fall semester.
*Students should visit the graduate program web page for more info before applying.


If you are attending a partner university or college and wish to visit UCA as part of a bilateral exchange agreement you may apply for admission as an exchange student.

Bilateral exchange agreements mean that a student from UCA will be attending your home country university for short-term study, and in exchange, you will attend UCA for short-term study.


If you are looking to pick up an extra class at UCA, while attending another local college or you attend another college elsewhere in the United States during the school year, but would like to take a class or two at UCA during the summer you should apply for admission as a transient student.


If you attended UCA in the past, left, and now want to re-enroll at UCA, you are a Re-Admit student. Students who are re-admitted will be charged the $50 application fee. Apply for Re-Admission