Phi Gamma Delta

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NAME:  Phi Gamma Delta

NICKNAME:  Fiji or Phi Gam

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Founding:  May 1, 1848, Jefferson College, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

Size:  169,000+ initiated brothers since 1848. Currently, the Fraternity has 8,200 undergraduate brothers in 120 chapters and 20 Delta Colonies in the United States and Canada.


Mission Statement

“Phi Gamma Delta exists to promote lifelong friendships, to reaffirm high ethical standards and values, and to foster personal development in the pursuit of excellence. Phi Gamma Delta is committed to provide opportunities for each brother to develop responsibility, leadership, scholarship, and social skills in order to become a fully contributing member of



Famous Brothers

 Calvin Coolidge – President of the United States, 1923-1929

(Amherst 1895)

Johnny Carson – Former host of The Tonight Show (Nebraska 1949)

Kenneth Blanchard – author of The One Minute Manager & other leadership/motivational books (Cornell 1961)

Jack Nicklaus – Professional Golf Champion (Ohio State 1961)

Duke Petrovich – President of Wrigley Company (Knox 1974)

Mathew FoxTV actor, “Lost,” “Party of Five” (Columbia 1989)

Morgan Spurlock – Documentary Actor and Creator, Supersize Me (New York 1993)

Dean Smith – Former Head Basketball Coach, North Carolina Tarheels (Kansas 1953)

Gene Cernan – Astronaut, Apollo and Gemini Space Programs (Purdue 1956)

Charles ArmstrongPresident & CEO, Seattle Mariners (Purdue 1964)


Membership Benefits

Leadership Development:  The Fraternity has teamed with Dr. Kenneth Blanchard, fellow Phi Gam and author of The One Minute Manager, to develop a cutting-edge leadership development program called Taking the Lead. This four-part program uses a bottom-up approach to develop leaders throughout their college years.

ScholarshipsThe Fraternity’s Educational Foundation offers over $250,000 in scholarships each year, which members can apply for right away.  There is $1,000 worth of scholarships available during the colonization semester, and ALL men who achieve a 3.0 or better during their pledge semester will automatically receive $250!


Intramurals:  Phi Gamma Delta strives to be competitive in intramural sports. We play to win!

Career Development and Networking:  Graduate brothers offer real-world education in a variety of career fields; many will offer internships and employment networking.

Conventions:  Every January, brothers from all over North America gather for a three-day leadership academy in St. Louis, Missouri, to learn leadership skills, discuss chapter development, and share their best practices. In August of 2012, Phi Gamma Delta will hold its biennial international convention, called the Ekklesia, in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Phi Gamma Delta at UCA

 The Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta or Fiji was founded on May 1, 1848, at Jefferson College in Canonsburg, PA. Six men, all from the same literary society, came together to form an organization based on five core values of friendship, knowledge, service, morality, and excellence. While it might be 163 years later, Phi Gamma Delta still stands for these five values. Two staff members will be on campus this spring to recruit the Founding Fathers of Fiji at UCA. We will be recruiting men based on the five core values of Phi Gamma Delta and men who live these values in their daily lives.

Since 1848, Phi Gamma Delta has grown to be on 140 college campuses across North America. This includes five chapters in Canada. Across those 140 chapters and colonies, Phi Gamma Delta has an average GPA of 3.016. Scholarship is our top priority and we support it financially with a $250 scholarship to any man who makes a 3.0 or higher in his first semester in the fraternity. Phi Gamma Delta philanthropically partners with the American Red Cross and the USO. We take great pride in our partnerships with these organizations.

We are excited about starting a Delta Colony at UCA this spring. The men who join have the opportunity to start something special at UCA and leave their own legacy. Founding Fathers will lay the ground work for Phi Gamma Delta at Central Arkansas for years to come.


Upcoming UCA Fiji Recruitment Events