Assistive Technology Specialist


Assistive Technology Specialist

Duties and Responsibilities

The Assistive Technology Specialist provides instruction, technical assistance, training and resource materials to students registered with the Disability Resource Center, UCA faculty and staff within the areas of assistive and instructional computer technologies with an emphasis on assistive computer technologies for students with learning disabilities, visual disabilities, physical disabilities, or those who are deaf or hard of hearing.

The Assistive Technology Specialist is expected to:

  • Develop hard-copy and online training materials for use with assistive computer technologies as they apply to the needs of students with disabilities.
  • Work with faculty and staff to support the assistive technology needs for students with disabilities.
  • Provide technical assistance, consultation and training on the use of assistive computer technologies.
  • Evaluate and review innovative methods and practices of potential benefit to students with disabilities as well as emerging assistive and instructional computer technologies.
  • Prepare materials for electronic conversion (i.e., disassemble and organize textbooks in preparation for scanning).
  • Reviews and proofread course material to ensure accuracy and effectiveness of converted text.
  • Analyze instructional materials and makes appropriate adjustments to the scanning software and hardware settings and resolution.
  • Import scanned files into the appropriate software application based on a student’s individualized disability needs.
  • Manipulate scanned files using appropriate Optical Character Recognition (OCR) tools.
  • Import diagrams, charts and graphics into Photoshop or MS Word and creates or manipulate accurate graphical representations that can be converted into tactile graphics.
  • Add appropriate tags and audio descriptors and Alternative references to tactile images.
  • Reassemble students’ hard copy materials into a re-usable format.
  • Posts alternative media files for student use.
  • Supervise two student workers to assist with electronic book conversion.


Minimum qualifications include:

60 hours of college credit

1 year of technology related experience

Preferred qualifications include:

Master’s Degree in special education, psychology, rehabilitation counseling, assistive technology, educational technology, instructional design or related field.

Experience using assistive computer technology and web based instructional resources for teaching and learning.

Familiarity with state and national standards and guidelines which apply to equal access to technology and the provision of academic materials in alternate format for students and staff with disabilities.

Experience with the use of assistive computer technologies for blind, low vision, deaf and hard of hearing, physically disabled and learning disabled students.

Experience using instructional technology to design and develop training materials in a variety of delivery modes, preferably in an educational environment.

Knowledge and understanding of alternate media methods and strategies.

Knowledge and Abilities

Knowledge of effective uses of a variety of assistive computer technologies such as screen readers for blind, Braille translation software, large print display systems, speech recognition systems as well as writing and productivity tools for students with learning disabilities.

Understanding of Windows and Macintosh operating systems and cross platform issues of application software.

Familiarity with academic issues relevant to higher education student populations.

Ability to work in a changing environment and manage multiple priorities.


$21,000/year with opportunities for professional development funding.

30 hrs/week.

To apply, please contact:

Crystal Hill

Disability Resource Center

201 Donaghey Ave

Student Health Bldg. Ste. 212

Conway, AR 72035

Phone: 501-450-3613 Fax: 501-450-5664