Tuition Remission

The Office of Human Resources is providing this information as a service to the campus community.  This is a service that is continually under development.  We will make every effort to keep this site current and to correct errors brought to our attention.

UCA Board Policy #623 governs Tuition Remission.  The following is the link for policy concerning Tuition Remission:

A link and instructions for the Tuition Remission form can be found at the bottom of this page.

Q. Who is eligible for discounts?

A. Full time, benefits eligible employees of the University, their spouses, and unmarried children who may be claimed as dependents on the employee’s federal income tax return are eligible for discounts.

Q. I have applied for and received tuition remission.  For how much of the cost am I responsible?

A. Employees, the spouses of employees, and/or the children of employees will pay an amount equal to twenty (20) percent of regular in-state registration and all applicable eligible fees for undergraduate courses.  Employees and the spouses of employees will also pay an amount equal to twenty (20) percent of the regular in-state registration and all applicable eligible fees for graduate courses.

Q. My child has a good GPA and made a good score on the ACT, which qualified her for a University Scholarship.  Will I be able to use both the scholarship and the fee waiver to cover the cost of my child attending UCA?

A. The total aid provided by the tuition discount when combined with total general registration and mandatory fee aid provided by an other university-sponsored tuition scholarships or other university waiver, fee reduction, or discount shall not exceed 100% of general registration and mandatory fees.  The fee-waiver discount may be used in conjunction with state-funded scholarships (e.g., scholarships administered by the Arkansas Department of Higher Education) and/or with private scholarships and assistance. However, the discount will not apply to study-abroad programs.

Q. I am a full-time faculty member with my doctorate.  Am I eligible to take any undergraduate or graduate classes at the discounted rate?

A. Yes, you may take either graduate classes or undergraduate classes at the 20% cost of tuition plus fees regardless of the number or type of degrees currently held.

Q. I started working full time for the University in October. I took a graduate course this fall and plan to take another one in the spring. Can I receive a discount for both terms?

A. No, you will only receive discounted tuition for the spring semester. The fee remission for employees, spouses, and dependent children will commence with the beginning of the next semester or term after the date of employment. For example, if an employee’s hire date is October 1, their fee-remission privileges will begin at the start of the spring semester.

Q. My child will be 24 years old this year so I can’t claim him as a qualifying child on my federal income tax return.  He is a senior this year, however, and I will be able to claim him as a dependent as a qualifying relative.  Is he eligible to receive the tuition discount?

A. Yes, the 20% cost of tuition plus fees is available to all unmarried children of benefits-eligible employees or the unmarried dependents for whom the employee is the legal guardian, who are under age 25, and who may be claimed as dependents (either as a qualifying child or qualifying relative – see IRS publication 501 for guidelines) for federal tax purposes by that employee.  An employee may receive a fee waiver for a child meeting this requirement through and including the semester in which the child turns 25.

Q. My children are living at home, but what are the guidelines for me to know if they are eligible to receive discounted tuition?

A. They must be unmarried and must also meet the IRS definition of a dependent as either a qualifying child or a qualifying relative.  Please see IRS Publication 501 for guidelines.

Q. I work full time for the university and receive benefits. My daughter is 23, and a full time graduate student.  I still claim her as a dependent on my taxes. Can she receive discounted tuition for her graduate class?

A. No, graduate degree tuition discounts are available only to employees and the spouses of employees taking graduate classes not to dependents.

Q. If I work part-time for the university, am I eligible for a discount?

A. No, employees must be full-time, benefits-eligible to receive a discount.

Q. I need to take two classes this fall as prerequisites for a masters program. One is a 4 hour science class that includes a lab each week. The other is 3 hour math course. Will I be able to take both classes I need during work hours?

A. It depends.  During normally-assigned work hours, employees may take no more than six (6) credit hours in the fall and/or spring semesters and no more than three (3) credit hours during each summer term. Taking both courses in the fall term would put you at 7 hours for the semester, so this would be permitted only if your supervisor approved the time off and you took leave to cover the additional hours (or the supervisor could approve your making up the time with either an earlier start time or later end to the work day).

Q. Who do I need to obtain permission from to get off work to go to class?

A. Time-off for courses taken during normal work hours, including the lunch period, must be approved by the employee’s supervisor and department manager. Efforts should be made to schedule courses at times that will least interfere with heavy seasonal work loads or exceptionally busy periods of the work day.

Q. I am a supervisor and have a full time employee who is taking time off for one three (3) hour course this semester.  My department allows the option of taking the two 15-minute breaks along with the 30-minutes allowed for lunch to have one hour for lunch.  Does the employee still get  to take her regularly scheduled lunch hour in addition to her time off for class?

A. Yes, as long as her taking the three credit hour course doesn’t interfere with the work load of the department.  As stated previously, time off for courses taken during normal work hours, including the lunch period must be approved by the employee’s supervisor.

Q. My father was employed full time with the university, but recently had a car accident and is now on disability and unable to work.  I was receiving a discount on my tuition, but since my father is no longer employed here, will I have to pay full tuition costs?

A. No. If an employee dies or becomes disabled (as determined by the University’s disability insurer) during a semester in which the employee, a spouse or dependent is receiving the discount, the disabled employee and/or the surviving spouse and/or dependent will continue their eligibility as if that employee was still eligible and with all other guidelines and restrictions remaining.  Spouses and dependents who are not receiving the discount at the time of the employee’s death or disability will be eligible for the discount for five (5) years from the date of death or disability.

Q. My child was enrolled full-time in the spring semester and now as a junior only wants to enroll part-time (6 hours) for the fall semester. Can he still receive discounted tuition?

A. Yes. As long as the student is claimed as a dependent on your federal income tax return, he can still receive the discount as a part time student in the fall. A student must be enrolled full-time for at least five months of that calendar year in order to meet the qualifying child test of the IRS.  Please see IRS Publication 501 for further information.

Tuition Remission

  • Undergraduate and Graduate Registration Discount Program

Steps for completing the process/forms for tuition remission:

  • The form can be obtained by clicking the following link: Fee Waiver Form
  • Print and complete the form.
  • If form is for employee, attach a copy of both work and academic schedules.
  • Acquire manager/supervisor’s approval and signature.
  • Turn in this form to the UCA Office of Human Resources, Wingo Hall Suite 106.
    Call (501) 450-3181 with any questions regarding this form.

IMPORTANT: To ensure timely processing, submit this application by the due date listed in top right corner of the fee remission form.

However, please remember that the student should be pre-enrolled when the application is submitted.