Concurrent Employment

The Office of Human Resources is providing this information as a service to the campus community.  This is a service that is continually under development.  We will make every effort to keep this site current and to correct errors brought to our attention.

State law A.C.A. 6-63-307 allows for the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State (which is the Director of the Department of Finance and Administration) to approve concurrent employment at two institutions or state agencies during the same pay periods.

Q. I teach a couple of classes at UCA. Can I also teach part-time at another state supported university?

A. Yes. An employee may work for two agencies or institutions concurrently with approval from the state.

Q. What are the stipulations for concurrent employment with two state agencies or institutions?

A. The agency or institution for which you work must request to the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State, and your combined salary payments from the agencies or institutions must not exceed the larger maximum annual salary of the line item position authorized for either agency or institution from which the employee is being paid.

Q. Can I be concurrently employed by the same institution?

A. It is possible. Subject to approval of the Chief Fiscal Officer of the State, an employee may be concurrently employed by the same institution, for example, as an employee of the Information Technology Department and as part-time faculty teaching a computer class.

Q. If I teach part-time at one state supported institution of higher education and part-time at UCA and my hours equal that of a full-time employee, will I receive state benefits?

A. No. You must teach at least half-time (more than seven credit hours) at UCA to be benefits eligible.

Q. How do I know which institution of higher education is considered my primary employer?

A. Regardless of how many hours you work for each institution, the university who begins classes first will be your primary employer.

Example: You teach two classes at the University of Central Arkansas and a class at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. UALR begins classes August 20th and UCA begins classes August 27th.  Even though you work more hours for UCA, UALR will be considered your primary employer because their fall semester commences first.

Q. What are the specific conditions under which I may be employed by two state institutions?

A. (1) Both institution and or agency directors approve the employment

(2) Employment in another state position does not interfere with the required performance of an employee’s primary duties

(3) The combined salaries of both positions do not exceed the larger maximum annual salary of either position

(4) Authorization is granted by the Director of the Department of Finance and Administration as requested by the secondary employer

Q. Do I, as the employee, need to contact the Dept. of Finance and Administration for approval?

A. No. The employee should not make direct contact with the DF&A.

Q. Who takes care of this process?

A. The Office of Human Resources coordinates all concurrent employment requests on the UCA campus.

Policy regarding this matter can be found on the Arkansas Department of Finance and Administration, Office of Personnel Management website:

Or in the UCA Handbook.