Holiday Calendar

Monday, 01/18
Martin Luther King Jr./Robert E. Lee Birthday Observed
Monday, 05/30
Memorial Day
Monday, 07/04
Independence Day
Monday, 09/05
Labor Day
Thursday, 11/24
Thanksgiving Holiday
Friday, 11/25
*Based on Governor’s Proclamation

*The day after Thanksgiving is not an official state holiday. This day has historically been announced as a holiday through the Governor’s Proclamation. Once the Governor’s Office makes an announcement regarding this day being a holiday, it will be communicated to the campus and added to UCA’s Holiday Schedule.

               Christmas/New Year’s Break

Wednesday, 12/21                                    LAST DAY CAMPUS OPEN

Thursday, 12/22                                        George Washington/Daisy Bates Day
Friday, 12/23                                             Veterans Day Observed

Saturday, 12/24

Sunday, 12/25

Monday, 12/26                                          Christmas Eve Observed

Tuesday, 12/27                                         Christmas Day Observed

Wednesday, 12/28                                    Employee’s Birthday Observed

Thursday, 12/29                                        Vacation/Comp Time Day

Friday, 12/30                                             Vacation/Comp Time Day

Saturday, 12/31

Sunday, 01/01/17

Monday, 01/02/17                                     New Year’s Day Observed

Tuesday, 01/03/17                                    FIRST DAY CAMPUS OPEN