What’s An RA?

An RA is a Resident Assistant. RAs are here to help your student with all their living needs and concerns and many of their general needs and concerns. Every Student living in on campus housing is assigned to an RA. RAs help educate the students on the rules and policies, help point them to campus resources, and help promote a community environment just to name a few.

RAs are student staff members who live and learn on campus just like other students. RAs are considered to be campus leaders and are trained by Housing and Residence Life to be able to deal with residents needs, concerns, and generally be a person to seek out for advice or friendship.

RAs report to a Residence Coordinator (RC) who also lives in campus housing and therefore as constant access to a supervisor for guidance and direction when helping students with their needs.

Have your student get to know their RA and it never hurts for you to meet them either.