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***All applications must be turned in via OrgSync and all references must be turned into the Housing and Residence Life Office in Bernard 201 by 4:30 p.m. February 14th, 2014***

University of Central Arkansas is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer committed to diversity.

Resident Assistants
The Resident Assistant (RA) reports directly to their Residence Coordinator and to the Area Coordinator. The primary responsibility of the Resident Assistant is to assist residential students in realizing the opportunities for self-development through group living in the residence halls of the University of Central Arkansas. Fundamental to the position is the concept of “ role model,” as staff members are the closest and most vital link with residents. The Resident Assistant is assigned responsibilities that encompass both student personnel services and general administrative functions.

The Resident Assistant is expected to help build a feeling of togetherness and community by initiating and organizing floor, suite, apartment or hall activities and programs. S/he serves as an informational resource about the campus and residence hall.
Resident Assistants are paid the equivalent of room and board. All RA’s are given a single room, which is billed at the double room rate.

The Housing Options and Student Tours (HOST) staff is a vital new part of the Department of Housing and Residence Life.    As the title suggests, HOSTs are on the front line in attracting potential students to our on-campus living options.  HOST members work a set weekly schedule at the front desk of the Housing and Residence Life Office where customer service is key.  While working the desk, the HOSTs staff is always available to provide a walk-in or pre-scheduled tour of our residence halls to potential students and their families and friends.  HOST receive a private room, which must be kept clean and set as a double room.  These rooms serve as our show rooms for the tours.  HOST staff also plays a significant role in facilitating tours during all Bear Facts Day events.

As a HOST staff member, you will be trained to provide accurate and relevant information to potential students about our residential facilities and the institution as a whole.  This position requires a well-organized, team player with a positive attitude and strong communication skills.
HOST members are paid an hourly rate for their services at the front desk and at Bear Facts Day.  HOST members also receive a single room that is to be set as double.

Learning Assistants (LA)
The Learning Assistant (LA) reports directly to the Residence Coordinator and the Area Coordinator.  LAs assigned to Residential Colleges will also work very closely with the Resident Master.  The purpose of the LA position is to create an environment where residents have the resources needed to succeed academically.  LAs will work with faculty members to create study guides and facilitate intentional study sessions.  LAs maintain 10 set hours in the study lounge or classrooms within the residence halls where they are available to assist residents with academic needs.

LAs will receive extensive training on the academic resources available to UCA students and will be trained on techniques used to build and lead a strong community.  The LA position is a great opportunity to have a direct impact on the success of another UCA Bear!
Learning Assistants are paid the equivalent of room and board. All LA’s are given a single room, which is billed at the double room rate.