Sophomore Year Experience in Baridon Hall

Welcome to the UCA Housing and Residence Life Sophomore Year Experience!

The excitement of freshman year has worn off. Classes are challenging, but not necessarily in your major-if you’ve chosen your major. Sophomores are used to living away from home, but personal relationships are getting more complicated. And suddenly you realize that you’re part of a bigger community-there’s a whole world out there!

Now its time to get involved!
The Sophomore Year Experience is designed to meet the needs of our second year students by creating programs that deal directly with the issues they are currently facing: Building Leadership skills, Deciding a Major, Creating a Community, Civic Participation and Building Life Skills.

How To Get Into SYE:
First priority is given to sophomores who lived in a residential college their freshmen year, but is open to all sophomores at UCA. Space is limited so it is encouraged to sign up early if you would like to participate in the program.

What are the Benefits?
The SYE program is designed to make your sophomore year successful and rewarding, the following or just a few of the reasons we think you will want to join the program. Higher GPA: Sophomores who participate in SYE have an average GPA of 3.4 while non SYE sophomores have an average GPA of 2.5. Exciting programs! The following are examples of programs that have been done, but each year the participants in SYE are encouraged to dream up their own events.

  • Fun Student Lead Initiatives such as games, camping and canoe trips, and talent shows.
  • Back to College Socials to reconnect with old friends and make new ones in the fall.
  • Sophomore Orientation to learn how to select and change a major, and the requirements to succeed.
  • Career Resources for exploring different majors and building a winning resume.
  • Diversity Programming to gain a better understanding of others and our world!
  • The Chance to meet Faculty and Staff in a Social Setting such as cookouts and receptions.
  • Community Service Leadership Opportunities such as canned food drives, and caring for animals in the Faulkner County Humane Shelter.
  • Dynamic Speakers and Presentations!

Stronger connection to UCA and higher retention rates:
Staff to assist you in your sophomore journey: SYE has a Residence Coordinator, 5 Resident Assistants, a Faculty Resident Master and Peer Mentors to assist you with all your academic and living needs. Whether you need a friend to lean on for personal support our you need a tutor to help you get ready for a big test, the SYE staff is ready to help. UCA Housing and Residence Life recognizes that sophomores can and want to make a difference. The Sophomore Experience Program will provide programs specifically designed to prepare sophomores to be leaders and active members of their community in Baridon Hall and campus wide.