National Fellowship Opportunities


The Department of Exemplary Studies assists University of Central Arkansas students who are applying for competitive national fellowships and scholarships. It publicizes opportunities, oversees the selection of candidates for awards that require university nomination and, with the assistance of fellowship advisors, guides students through the frequently complicated application procedures. Students who are interested in applying for awards and faculty members working with motivated, well-qualified students are encouraged to contact the office.


  1.  Search the scholarships listed below for objectives, applicant eligibility, and deadlines;
  2.  Complete the interest form to indicate which opportunities you are interested in pursuing;
  3.  Upon receipt you will be contacted regarding advising.




  • Fulbright U.S. Student Program: supports one academic year of study or research/creative project (in all fields) or of teaching English (ETA); also offers special awards in business, music, public policy, and digital storytelling.  Several hundred awards made annually to about 140 countries.  The best time for students to apply is during the senior year; awards may only be used after graduation.
  • Humanity in Action: provides fellowships for summer study abroad on topics concerning tolerance for minorities and promotion of democratic values in developing countries.*
  • The Boren Scholarships/Fellowships: funds study abroad for undergrads and grads in “geographic areas, languages, and fields of study deemed critical to U.S. national security,” with “national security” broadly defined.*
  • William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service in India: places young college grads with NGOs working in India to improve citizens’ lives in numerous areas.
  • Truman Scholarship Foundation: funds up to $30,000 for graduate study; selects approximately 60 juniors annually who have the potential to become “change agents” in many walks of life, such as education, government, and public administration.
  • Rhodes Trust: supports a second B.A. or graduate study in a wide array of fields at Oxford University, Oxford, England.
  • Gates-Cambridge: supports graduate study in any field available at Cambridge University, England.
  • Marshallsupports graduate study in a wide array of fields at one of several universities in the UK, including Scotland.
  • Mitchell: supports graduate study in a wide array of fields at one of several universities in Ireland.
  • The James Madison: supports graduate study for educators intending to teach American history at the secondary level.
  • The DAAD, or German Academic Exchange Service: funds internships, research, and programs of study for undergrads and graduate students at one of over 300 German institutions of higher ed; largest such program in the world; no language requirement but lessons will be taught.
  • The Goldwatersupports undergrad study in the junior and senior years for students in the natural sciences, mathematics, and engineering.*
  • Gilman International Scholarship: supports 4 weeks or more of travel abroad for undergrads in any field; must be Pell Grant recipient.*
  • The Woodrow Wilson Fellowship: funds up to $30,000 for master’s-level study awarded to STEM majors who wish to teach at the secondary level; includes 3 years of mentoring, requires 3 years of teaching in a “high-need urban or rural secondary school in the state where the master’s work is done” (Indiana, Ohio, or Michigan, where the 17 participating universities are located).  Students who “have demonstrably strong math and science backgrounds, if not a STEM major per se, may also be considered.”
  • SMART (Science, Mathematics, and Research for Transformation) Scholarship: funds undergrad and graduate study in the sciences, math, and engineering; requires 1 year of research for the Department of Defense for each year of study funded.*  
  • Rotary International: funds summer travel and/or graduate study in up to 80 countries, irrespective of major.
  • Institute for International Public Policy: funds minority students from their sophomore year all the way through grad school, preparing them to participate in the global economy.*
  • The Fogarty International Center: provides funding to perform research and to train researchers in a variety of global health areas. Through these extensive programs, Fogarty and its partners throughout the National Institutes of Health (NIH) are working to build sustainable research capacity in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Global Health Corps: works to train the leaders of tomorrow in global health issues; places fellows in specific locations and partner institutions abroad.
  • Humboldt Foundation Chancellor Fellowshipsfunds a research project undertaken in Germany for professionals in economics (among other areas) who have at least the undergrad degree in hand and some work experience; includes a mandatory 4-month language course.*   
  • The Udall Scholarshipfor sophomores and juniors “for leadership, public service, and commitment to issues related to American Indian nations or to the environment.”*
  • Environmental Protection Agency: supports internships and research projects in the US; includes students in a variety of fields within communications and design (funding opportunities vary from year to year, depending on Congressional appropriations).*
  • Schwarzman Scholars: provides Scholars with learning opportunities with leaders from China and the world through high-level interactions at lectures, an internship program, a mentors network, and intensive deep-dive travel seminars.
  • Critical Language Scholarship:  provides a fully funded summer overseas language and cultural immersion program for American undergraduate and graduate students.


*Has grants for use while a student is still an undergraduate.

Complete the online interest form to contact Exemplary Studies about pursuing one of the fellowships that Exemplary Studies supports.

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