Bachelor of Professional Studies

The Bachelor of Science in Professional Studies offers associate's degree holders in the areas of health and technology the opportunity to increase knowledge and leadership skills and to enhance career opportunities.  A total of 124 credits must be compltered, including the transfer of a maximum of 60 credits from associate degree programs.  The curriculum is designed to facilitate the completion of remaining general education requirements, a set of core courses and one of two areas of concentration:

(1) Leadership and Technology or

(2) Health and Safety.

Following is a list of some of the associate degree programs that would prepare students for transfer  to the BPS degree program (this list is not all-inclusive):

  • cardiopulmonary technology
  • computer information systems
  • computer information science
  • computer information systems technology
  • computer electronics technology
  • dental hygiene
  • emergency medical services
  • environmental/safety technology
  • medical laboratory technology
  • health information management
  • respiratory therapy
  • respiratory care

Required Courses


Core Courses (12 credits)

MGMT    2341 Principles of Management or MGMT 2350 Basic Marketing

SPCH     3301 Organizational Communication

HED        3310 Fundamentals of Occupational Health

WRTG    3310   Technical Writing

Professional Development Concentrations:

Concentration in Leadership & Technology:

Required Courses (18 credits)

MGMT 3315   Diversity / Multicultural Communication

MIS       3321   Managing Systems and Technology

SPCH   3303   Gender Communication

SPCH   3307   Interpersonal Communication

MIS       3328    Systems Analysis and Design

MIS       3363    Telecommunications and Computer Networks

Upper level Electives (15 credits)

MGMT   3310   Entrepreneurship

INSU      3315   Life and Health Insurance

INSU      3324   Risk and Insurance

PSYC    3331   Psychology and Business and Industry

MCOM   3305   Publication Design and Makeup

MGMT   3300   Labor / Management Relations

MGMT   3342   International Business

MGMT   3346   Personnel /Human Resource Management

MGMT   3349   Small Business Management

MGMT   3350   Compensation Administration

Concentration in Health and Safety:

Concentration in Health & Safety

Required Courses (18 credits)

BMED 3370 Introduction to Industrial Safety

HED    4300 Community Health

HED    4343 Health Strategies for Multicultural Populations

HED    4370 Administration of Health Programs

HED    4600 Health Sciences Internship

Upper Level Electives (15 credits)

HED     3315 Theory & Practice of Prevention

HED     3120 Prevention Practicum

HSC     3123 Medical Terminology

HSC     4210 Principles of Patient Care

HED     4301 Health Education in the Medical Care Setting

HED     4302Health Education in the Worksite

HSC     4305 Technology Applications in the Health Sciences

PHIL    4350 Health Care Ethics

MKTG  4360 Health Care Marketing

MKTG  4361 Marketing Planning for Health Care Organizations

NURS   4325 Alternative & Complimentary Health Care

HSC      4320 Health Promotion Interventions