Certificate Programs

In addition to graduate degree programs, the university offers several post-baccalaureate (GC) and post-master's (PMC) graduate certificates.  Certificate programs are typically between 12 and 18 credit hours, providing professional development and credentials in various fields such as geographic information systems, school based leadership, instructional technology, education, music, nursing and Spanish.

List of Graduate Certificate and Post-Master's Certificate Programs

Admission to Certificate Programs

Admission to certificate programs follows the same application procedures as those for graduate degrees.  Graduate Certificates (GC) require a baccalaureate degree and Post-Master's Certificates (PMC) require a graduate degree.  Complete the online application and submit ALL college official transcripts (except UCA) to the Graduate School.  Additionally, some certificate programs require submission of GRE scores.

Completion of Certificate Programs (NOT for Master's or Doctoral degrees)
Accepting applications for certificates to be awarded December 10, 2016 ONLY

In order to have a certificate awarded, the student must submit a Certificate Completion form to the Graduate School and pay a $20 certificate completion fee.  Applications received will only be processed after the application fee is paid (see instructions below).  The deadline dates for submission of this form and fee are the same as those for filing an application to graduate. Students receiving graduate certificates do not participate in commencement but will receive a printed diploma. See the Academic Calendar for the deadline dates.  Failure to meet the deadline will result in the delay of the certificate being awarded by a semester.
Application for Certificate Completion Form

Instructions: How to Pay the Certificate Completion Fee