Greek Grades

Breaking down Greek stereotypes one semester at a time...

Most likely you have heard the stereotypes that fraternity and sorority members only care about partying, social events, and themselves.  These stereotypes are everywhere, but where is the proof?  The majority of the time there is little to no proof to support these allegations.  At UCA, Greek students pride themselves in breaking down these negative stereotypes in the most basic way possible: excellence in the classroom.

How many times have you ever heard that fraternities and sororities (members and entire chapters) have higher GPAs than UCA-wide all campus averages?  Most likely you have never heard such a thing because it is a common misconception that Greek students cannot be heavily involved across campus, work, have active social lives, AND maintain high academic marks.  If you are a non-believer, then please look over the grade reports below.

Each semester the Office of Student Life compiles fraternity/sorority GPAs to ensure that each organization is placing schoolwork first.  The proof speaks for itself in these reports, so please look them over and start thinking about how Greek life not only enhances the social aspects of college, but the academic facets as well.

All Greek Grades - Spring 2014

All Greek Grades - Fall 2013

All Greek Grades - Spring 2013

All Greek Grades - Fall 2012

All Greek Grades - Spring 2012

All Greek Grades - Fall 2011

All Greek Grades - Spring 2011

All Greek Grades - Fall 2010