University College


University College was created to assist returning students and students with academic need in making a successful transition into college life.

Students who are accepted into UCA through University College (UC) are generally:

  • nontraditional students returning to college
  • nontraditional students beginning college for the first time later in life
  • students who are required by state law to complete two or more transitional courses based on their ACT scores

Once a UC student has successfully completed any required transitional courses as well as 12 hours of General Education credit, he or she is fully admitted into a two-year or four-year UCA degree program.

University College offers important benefits such as faculty dedicated to working with students with developmental needs, as well as intensive academic advising.

Home to the Academic Success Center — the campus-wide tutoring center, the University College is also the place to apply for any student at UCA who is interested in completing an Associate of Arts Degree.